How to Create an Outlook Email Account with GoDaddy Domain

There’s a way to get a domain-based email address if you subscribe to Microsoft 365. Here’s how to create an Outlook email account with GoDaddy domain.

custom email domain has been created in outlook premium using godaddy domain

For those who want a custom domain email account on their Outlook, there’s a way to get that if you subscribe to Microsoft 365. Here’s how to create an Outlook email account with GoDaddy domain.

Microsoft 365 subscription allows you to create an Outlook email account with your own domain that is registered on GoDaddy. This is great if you don’t want to subscribe to GoDaddy’s email service and you have Microsoft 365.

Microsoft 365 has Outlook premium which provides one domain-based email account for each user. If you have Microsoft 365 Family, your family member you shared subscription with can also create one email account based on that domain.

The only thing that turns me off is that the Outlook premium doesn’t allow more than one domain. But, you can change the GoDaddy domain connected to your Outlook premium.

How to Create an Outlook Email Account with GoDaddy Domain

To do this, make sure you have Microsoft 365, you have enabled your Outlook premium (some trial accounts don’t have access to Outlook premium), and your GoDaddy domain that is still active. If you don’t have a GoDaddy domain, you can buy it here.

Now, open your Outlook premium. Sign in with your Microsoft account.

Here’s, click the diamond icon at the top-right. You will see that button when your Outlook premium is activated. If you don’t see it, you can read our guide on how to fix it after this section below. Click the diamond button.

create free email account using your own domain from godaddy

Here, click Get started at “Personalized email address”.

outlook premium personalized email address

If you already have a GoDaddy domain, which you should, click I already own a GoDaddy domain at the bottom.

microsoft 365 subscription setup up email address with outlook premium

Now, enter your existing domain you want to connect with your Outlook premium. Keep in mind you can only connect one domain for each subscription. Don’t worry, you can change your domain later. Click Validate.

adding your existing godaddy domain to outlook

Once the Outlook premium verified that the domain is managed by GoDaddy, you can click Sign in to sign in with your GoDaddy account in a new window.

sign in using a godaddy account

Click Connect.

authorize outlook premium to access godaddy

Click Got It when it’s done.

setting up email

Now, all you have to do is just simply wait for at least 15 to 30 minutes for Outlook premium working to connect to your GoDaddy domain.

Did the 15 minutes just pass? Now reload the Outlook premium website. Click the diamond icon again.

outlook premium setting button

On Personalized email address, you will see that your website domain is now connected with your Outlook premium. Click Create address to create a domain-based email with that domain.

create address button on personalized email address outlook premium

Here, enter the email alias that you want to create for that domain. You’ll only be able to create just one alias. But, your family member which subscription you shared with can also create a new email alias within the same domain. Click Next.

finish creating your personalized email address

That’s it. Now the personalized email address has been created on Outlook. Click Go to inbox.

custom email domain has been created in outlook premium using godaddy domain

To make sure that you’ve created the email, you click the diamond button again and see if there’s “Outlook has successfully connected your custom domain” and your email address created using the domain at the bottom.

outlook has successfully connected your custom domain email account

Make sure you can receive and send emails. You can test it yourself by sending an email and use another email account to send an email to the domain-based email address. The email you receive you can see in the same mailbox as your generic Outlook email.

There’s no diamond button, or your Outlook hasn’t been activated

If you have Microsoft 365 subscription but you still can’t see a diamond button, still see ads and other signs that make you think you don’t have Outlook premium, you are not alone.

I experienced the same when I get the free trial of Microsoft 365. I’ve done this and that but the problem had not been resolved. Now, I can enjoy the Outlook premium without ads and other premium features like creating a domain-based email address with a GoDaddy domain.

I’m not an expert on Microsoft products, neither a Microsoft employee that may give you the right solution. However, this is what I did to fix this problem:

Disable and enable again recurring bill

This works for some people. You can go to Microsoft Service & Subscription page. Then disable the recurring bill. Reload the browser. Then enable it again.

This solution is what most users will advise about this issue. However, this did not solve my problem. If this doesn’t solve yours and your Outlook is still in the free version, you should contact the Outlook support.

Contact the Outlook support

Click the ‘?’ button on your Outlook webmail. Type “premium trial at the search box.

At the bottom, click Yes at “Still need help?” question.

At the text box, type “I want to activate Outlook premium for my trial subscription”. You can do the same if you have subscribed but still have no premium version of Outlook.

Click Send.

Microsoft 365 allows you to use the Outlook premium which gives you a free domain-based email address using your own GoDaddy domain. If you have a trial version but have no Outlook premium, you can do the above steps to fix the problem.

You can also set up Gmail on Outlook.

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