How to Create Progress Bars in Excel

Sometimes it’s important to create a detailed visual on your Excel data. One of them is a progress bar. Here’s how to create progress bars in Excel the easiest way.

What is a progress bar?

A progress bar on your computer is mainly a graphical interface that visualizes the progress of a computing operation. Like how many file sizes you’ve downloaded using a download manager. But, in today’s blog post, the progress is about your own data so you can track down the progress of any data in Excel.

How to create progress bars in Excel

One of the easiest ways to create a progress bar in Excel is by using conditional formatting. Conditional formatting in Excel is used to implement specific cell formatting based on your own criteria.

We can also use conditional formatting to make a progress bar based on a number or percentage, but doing so using just numbers is a lot easier.

The progress bar would look flat if you use the latest version of Excel in the Microsoft Office suite. It’s because it uses the Windows controls based on which Windows version you’re using. It will be a solid color, but the color can be chosen easily in Excel and you can also switch to gradient instead.

First, you have to create a cell that contains the value of the progress bar. Simply write something from 0 to 100 if you want to create a progress bar based on percentage value (without the ‘%’).

how to make a progress bar in excel

Select the cell then choose Conditional Formatting. Choose Data Bars. Choose More rules.

creating progress bars in excel using conditional formatting

Select Format all cells based on their values. Make sure you choose Data Bar on “Format Style”. You can enable or disable “Show Bar Only” whether you want to show the progress bar’s value or not.

Choose Number for both Minimum or Maximum. Type 0 and 100 for each value. However, you can customize the way you want it to be for your progress bar.

Choose the color. Choose whether you want it to be a gradient or solid color. Choose whether it will have a border and choose which color it represents. Click OK.

format all cells based on their values progress bar

Now, you have made your own progress bar on Excel. It will look like this:

how to create progress bars in excel

Microsoft Excel allows you to create a progress bar to visualize your data in a better way. Yes, you can put the progress bar’s value automatically based on other cells’ calculations.

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