How to Create Signal Stickers & Sticker Packs Easily

Signal doesn’t just provide the ability to share stickers but also create a new one. Here’s how to create Signal stickers quickly.

You may have heard about Signal stickers, which work almost the same way as WhatsApp. But now you want to create your own. Here’s how to create Signal stickers and sticker packs easily.

Signal allows you to use, download, and share stickers with each other. While Signal doesn’t just provide stickers officially, you can also get them from other sources. But those aren’t enough.

Luckily, you can make your own Signal stickers and sticker packs in the most convenient way, and Signal provides its own sticker maker feature. But most people probably don’t notice it.

How to create Signal stickers using Signal on PC

Signal also provides its desktop app allowing you to use Signal on PC without the phone. The same app also provides you a way to create your own Signal stickers.

Download Signal for PC

Download Signal for your PC first. Install until it’s complete. Log in to your Signal using the QR code. Here, click the File > Create/upload sticker pack.

how to create signal stickers and sticker packs

Before making stickers, you clearly would need to prepare PNG, APNG, or WebP images that are 512×512 pixels. If you have done it, click the plus button to add those images.

signal sticker packs easily

Once you’ve browsed for files, the images will show here. Click Next.

signal sticker pack creator

You would need to add an emoji to each sticker to suggest what you’re messaging, which would show on the recipient’s notifications. Click the plus button there.

add an emoji to each sticker

Here, click the emoji that is relevant.

selecting an emoji

Once you’ve done it for all stickers, simply click Next.

tap next

Here, enter the title and the author name of the sticker. Click Next.

enter the title and author of the sticker pack

If you see a message saying “Are you sure you want to upload your sticker pack?”, click Upload and you’ll get your stickers done.

are you sure you want to upload your sticker pack

Signal will then create your sticker pack.

creating your sticker pack

Once the upload process is done, you can copy the sticker link to share it with others. Don’t worry, the sticker pack you’ve made is already installed on your Signal account. Simply click Close to continue.

access your new stickers through the sticker icon

Click the sticker button on Signal app, choose the sticker pack that you’ve made, and click the sticker to send it to others.

signal stickers are created

This is what it looks like to send stickers you’ve made yourself.

signal sticker has been created

Don’t worry, the sticker pack you’ve made will also show on your Signal app on the mobile. Simply open the sticker/emoji menu.

signal sticker is sent on the mobile

Tap the sticker pack. Select the sticker to send. If you want to see all sticker packs installed in your Signal account, click the plus button.

sticker pack you have made in signal shows in the mobile app

Here, you would see the sticker pack you’ve made as well. You can either share it or delete the sticker pack here.

sticker packs you have made for signal is installed

Signal amazingly provides its own sticker maker feature on the PC app, allowing you to express your thought or feeling in your own way, without the need to install third-party sticker packs.

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