How to Create WhatsApp Story/Status

A lot of people on the planet has been using WhatsApp, but for first-timer, you perhaps don’t know even how to create a story.

gif share status story

WhatsApp is a messenger app with 1.5 billion monthly active users. It has very simple feature, including the one that lets you create WhatsApp story. The feature is kind of resemble Instagram story, the same company who own WhatsApp: Facebook. A lot of people on the planet has been using WhatsApp, but for first-timer, you perhaps don’t know even how to create a story.

WhatsApp story feature work exactly like the Instagram story. The only difference is that WhatsApp has purposely limited story features, and it is much simpler. The reason is that WhatsApp is not a social media app, where people get addicted to a lot of time-consuming features. WhatsApp is a chat app.

In this tutorial, we’re going to learn how to create WhatsApp story.

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How to Create Simple WhatsApp Story

Let’s open the WhatsApp app.

Then tap the Status tab. Status is where your story is seen by others, and others’ stories is seen by you. There are some useful feature here, to make it less time-consuming by muting other people’s story. But that’s another lesson. For now, we’re going to learn how to crate a simple story. A simple one.

create whatsapp story

WhatsApp story has 2 elements of what type of things you can share into the story: text and media (pictures & videos). The text one has contain only a bunch of characters, emojis, and everything you can find on your keyboard app. The media is picture or video, including GIF, that you can upload from your internal storage into your story.

To add text WhatsApp story, tap the grey button with pencil icon.

Now, here, you can choose to add emojis your own by tapping emoji icon at the corner. You can change the font of the text so your WhatsApp story can look different. You can also change the background color by tapping the paint icon button. This is very simple kind of story feature on messaging app.

whatsapp status text

Type whatever text you want to put as your text WhatsApp story.

whatsapp background change

To send or submit that story you just made, tap the green Send button at the corner. Then, your friends that whose contacts you’ve already saved and that at the same time saved your contacts, can see your WhatsApp status/story.

tap the green button to upload whatsapp status story

Be aware, though. Before sending a status, as default, everyone above I mentioned earlier can see your status. If you don’t want some specific people/contact from seeing your story/status, you can do that later on.

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Now, let’s add a media (picture or video) WhatsApp story/status. In Status tab, tap the green icon button.

whatsapp media upload

Here, choose any media file you want to upload. Whether it would be picture, video, GIF. If you want to take the picture right away, just take it like using normal camera app. If you want to open gallery and browse your own media, just swipe up and you will see more of your media to choose as WhatsApp status.

media upload as whatsapp story

You can also upload video YouTube as your WhatsApp status/story.

How to Edit Your WhatsApp Story/Status

WhatsApp is not just providing those story features I mentioned earlier, they also provide simple editing features you can use to make image or video you share looks unique.

Just try to upload one, then you will see this.

whatsapp story

Look at the right-upper corner. You can crop image, adding some emojis, adding text in a picture/video, and brush around the media you’re uploading.

This feature is not used by many users. But if you want, you can try it.

How to Share GIF Only as Your WhatsApp Story/Status

WhatsApp also provide a special GIF as your WhatsApp story/status. You can share meme by doing this.

Just type the gray pencil button, the way you add normal text.

whatsapp share gif as status story

This will open WhatsApp keyboard. Tap GIF and then choose any GIF you want to share.

gif share status story

Tap the green Send button to upload the GIF as your WhatsApp story/status.

Some people find it confusing to create their own WhatsApp status/story. If you’re first-timer on using WhatsApp, sometimes the simplest feature is just hard to get used to. It’s fine. You can read any tutorial in our blog. If you have a question, feel free to leave it in the comment below.

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