How to Create ZIP Files in Android as Fast as Possible

Compressing multiple files is a good solution to easily manage them. Here’s how to create ZIP files in Android as fast as possible.

zip file is compressing

ZIP files are one of the most popular compression file formats, besides RAR and 7Z. Not everyone knows how to manage one in an Android smartphone because the methods are different from the PC. Here’s how to create ZIP files in Android.

ZIP files are useful to combine multiple files together in a simple file that can be viewed and managed as an individual file. When you open the compressed file, you can manage each file inside it just like managing regular files.

On a PC, there are easy ways to create zip files, like on Windows 10. But on a smartphone that uses Android as its operating system, the methods can be a little different.

Most Android smartphones have their own file manager, which should be able to manage and even create a ZIP file. You can also use a third-party app to make the file for more features if you don’t have a built-in file manager that can do one.

How to create ZIP files in Android using a built-in file manager

This method might not be entirely accurate because this uses a Xiaomi phone as an example. But don’t worry, the method is still similar to any file manager.

Open the file manager. Tap-long to select the file you want to compress. You can also select a folder to be compressed as a ZIP file.

how to create zip files in android

Here, tap the More button.

selecting items to compress as a zip file

Select Compress so you can compress it as a ZIP file.

compress pictures

Name the compressed file you want to make. The format is usually ZIP but you may choose other formats if they’re available. Click OK to finally compress it.

compress to

How to make ZIP files using a third-party app in Android

There is another way to make ZIP files, and ZArchiver is probably one of the most popular apps that can manage ZIP and 7Z files.

Download ZArchiver on Play Store

zarchiver app

Here, simply tap-long the folder or the file you want to compress as a ZIP file.

compressing files into a zip file

Select Compress to ZIP or Compress to 7Z to compress the file/folder in any format you want.

compress to zip or 7zip

The compression will then proceed. It takes seconds to minutes depending on the size of your files.

zip file is compressing

When it’s done, you’re going to see a message saying “Archive successfully created”.

archive successfully created

To view the compressed ZIP file, you can just simply tap it. Then select View.

zip file is created

To delete, tap the Delete and then Yes to confirm.

deleting a zip file in android

ZIP files on Android can be managed as easily as on a PC, but you might need to use a third-party app to use more features and to choose other compression file formats.

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