How to Delete a Card in Trello in Different Ways

Trello doesn’t make it easy for you to get rid of cards. Here’s how to delete a card in Trello permanently in different ways. No more archiving.

delete card

Deleting a card in Trello can be a difficult process since you’re mainly allowed to archive cards instead of deleting them permanently. Here’s how to delete a card in Trello, in different ways.

Cards in Trello are mainly allowed to be archived, which is only getting rid of them from boards and still can be accessed from the menu. It is possible to delete a card in Trello permanently, just like deleting a Trello board.

How to delete a card in Trello (web)

To do this, simply open the board. Right-click the card you want to delete.

how to delete a card in trello

Click Archive.

archiving the card first

Here, click Show menu to open up the menu.

click show menu button

Select Archived items.

archived items

Here, click Delete to delete the card permanently.

delete button

You will get a warning message. Select Delete to finally delete the card forever.

delete card permanently

You can also select Send to board if you want to retrieve back the card.

send to board button

How to archive many cards at once in Trello (web)

Simply move all cards you want to archive into a list. Click the horizontal three dots button and select Archive all cards in this list.

archive all cards in this list

Click Archive All.

archive all button

How to delete many cards permanently (web)

Based on the previous method, you need to manually click the Delete button to remove each card. That’s exhausting to do when you have hundreds of cards.

First, create a new board that will contain the list containing the cards you want to delete.

Click the three dots button of the list that contains all cards you want to delete. Click Move List.

move list to another board

Here, select that new board. Click Move.

click move

Once you have moved the list, simply open the board that contains the list you’ve moved there. Here, click Show menu.

click show menu

Click More to show more options.

more button

Click Close board,

close board in trello

Click Close to eventually remove the board.

close board to remove cards in trello

Your Trello page will be reloaded. Click Permanently Delete Board to permanently delete the cards, which are inside the list of the board.

permanently delete board

Click Delete.

delete board to delete cards inside

When you have successfully deleted the board, you will see this message: Board not found.

board and cards have been deleted

How to archive a card in Trello mobile app

Trello mobile app allows you to archive easily on the mobile app. To do this, simply open the board, scroll left or right to go to the list. Tap-long the card.

delete a card in trello mobile app

When the “Drag there to archive” shows, simply drag it to the green rectangle to archive.

drag here to archive

You can unarchive the cards easily. Simply tap the horizontal three dots button. Click Archived cards.

Here, click the card to open it.

The card will then open. Click the vertical three dots button to show the menu.

Click Send to board to finally retrieve the archived card.

Trello makes it more difficult to delete a card. With those methods above, you can now get rid of the cards by deleting cards permanently.

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