How to Delete a List in Trello Permanently

There’s a list you don’t want to work on anymore, but Trello doesn’t have a button to delete it. Here’s how to delete a list in Trello permanently.

move list

Trello uses lists to categorize cards you’re working on. But Trello doesn’t have a delete button when you don’t need lists anymore. Here’s how to delete a list in Trello.

Trello’s lists are useful, rectangle-shaped stuff that can be moved to a different order. They exist in each board you have on Trello. You can copy a list, move a list, sort cards inside, move all cards, or archive all cards, even delete a team. But it takes more effort to delete a list.

You can delete a list on Trello website or the mobile app in some ways, which takes a few clicks.

How to archive a list in Trello (web)

A Trello list can only be archived. While you can delete using the method below after this one, archiving a list is the easiest way to get rid of it in your Trello board.

To archive, simply click the three dots horizontal button on the right side of the list name. Select Archive This List.

how to delete a list in trello

The list will then get archived, and won’t show on your board anymore.

How to unarchive a list in Trello (web)

If you want to restore an archived list, you can do that using the menu feature on Trello.

Simply open the board where the list belongs to. Click Show Menu.

show menu

Click More, and it will show more options.

more settings

Select Archived items.

see archived items

Here, it will show archived cards first. Click Switch to lists to show archived lists instead.

switch to lists

Click Send to board to unarchive the list.

return archived lists

The unarchived list will show again on your board.

How to delete a list in Trello permanently (web)

Previous methods are useless since the lists are still saved on the menu. There’s a way to permanently delete the list by creating a new board, move the list into that new board, and then delete that same new board since Trello allows you to delete a board permanently.

To do this, simply create the new board by clicking Create new board on the homepage of Trello.

create a board

When creating this temporary board, you can name it whatever you want. It doesn’t matter. It will get deleted again anyway. Click Create board to make that board.

name a board

Now, go back to the board where the list you want to permanently delete exists. Click the horizontal three dots menu, click Move List.

move list

Choose the temporary board you just created.

move list

Click Move.

move button

Then, the list you want to delete is now on the board you’re ready to delete permanently. Access that temporary board, and click Show menu.

show menu

Here, click More to show more buttons.

more button

Click Close board to close the board, which will then lead you to delete it permanently.

close board

Click Close.

close board to delete list

Click Permanently Delete Board.

board is closed

Now, click Delete to finally delete the board which contains the list permanently.

permanently delete board to delete list

When the deletion is done, you will see a message saying “Board not found”.

board and list have been deleted

While Trello doesn’t have a delete button for lists, there’s still a way to delete them permanently. You can now work with other lists you want to work on and get rid of the one you don’t want.

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