How To Delete a Page in Google Docs

deleting a page

You have finished writing your document in Google Docs. But there are extra blank pages or simply pages you don’t want to exist. Here’s how to delete a page in Google Docs (web and mobile).

It’s really unfortunate that a simple thing like removing a blank page isn’t actually simple on Google Docs. The only way you can delete a page in Google Docs is by deleting all the content on that page.

How to delete a page in Google Docs

Deleting a page in Google Docs web

If you use Google Docs regularly on PC, you can simply open the document you want its page to be removed. Go to the page you want to remove, and select all the content on that page.

how to delete a page in google docs

Press Backspace or Delete to simply remove the content on that page and the page itself.

If the page is already blank, you move the cursor to the very bottom of that page and click on it. The cursor is going to be at the end of the blank space.

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google docs

You have to remove those spaces, so press Backspace and the cursor moves back to the top, and stop until it reaches the end of the space of the page you don’t want to remove which automatically removes the next page after it.

deleting a page

How to remove a page in Google Docs mobile app (Android/iOS)

If you regularly use the mobile app, you can still remove a page in a similar way. Open the Docs app. Open the document. Tap the edit button at the bottom.

google docs on android

Select the three-dots button at the top, and enable the Print layout.

print layout

Here, move the cursor to the very bottom or the end of the content of the page you want to remove. Delete it and the green point moves to the top. Stop when it reaches the bottom of the previous page.

deleting a page on google docs android

Now, the page has been removed. You can save the document by pressing the checkmark button at the top.

saving a document

Google Docs may not be straightforward when it comes to deleting a page. But you can still do it in a very convenient way, both on the web and the Android/iOS app.

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