How to Delete a Team in Trello Easily

Trello doesn’t really make it difficult to delete a team, but you might get confused if you’re new. Here’s how to delete a team in Trello easily.

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Trello doesn’t make it difficult for the users to delete a team. But for those who are new to Trello, the process can be quite confusing. Here’s how to delete a team in Trello.

Trello is a collaborative app that lets you create a team to invite anyone working on the same project. You can manage the boards, the members, the visibility, and the existence of it.

Deleting a team in Trello can only be done permanently and can’t be undone. That is, make sure you don’t need the team anymore and want to cease its existence forever.

How to delete a team in Trello (web)

To remove a team from Trello, simply open the team. You should see the boards, team table, members, settings, and business class tabs. Click Settings.

Scroll down until you find a button that says Delete this team?, and simply click the button to remove the team.

how to delete a team in trello

You will get a warning message before deleting it. Click Delete Forever to finally remove.

delete forever trello

The Trello page will reload on its own. You will see a page saying that the page isn’t found, which is fine because your team page has ceased to exist.

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If you want to remove the team members only, simply click the Team members tab to decide who can access the team, create boards, etc.

Removing a Trello team can be done easily, and there’s no way to undo it. Your boards will continue to exist on your personal boards, and you can manually delete them on your own.

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