How to Delete a Trello Board in Web & Smartphone

Trello might confuse a little someone who is new to it. Here’s how to delete a Trello board permanently using two easy steps.

delete button

Trello does allow you to remove a Trello board, but the process might not be a little more hidden. Here’s how to delete a Trello board permanently.

Trello mainly allows you to close boards, and deleting permanently as a second option because you can’t undo the process nor getting the content inside (lists, cards) back after doing so.

Both closing boards and deleting boards can be done on the Trello website, while on the smartphone app (Android and iPhone) can only close boards.

How to delete a Trello board (web)

To do this, simply open the Trello board you want to delete. Click the Show menu button to open up the menu.

how to delete a trello board

Click More to show more options.

more button

Here, to close the board, click Close Board.

close a board

You will receive a warning message. Click Close to finally close the board.

close button

You will then see this message that says “(name of the board) is closed”. You can either re-open the board, which is retrieving back the board and the content inside or delete the board permanently by clicking Permanently delete board.

board is closed

Click Delete to get rid of the board permanently.

delete button

Once you successfully deleted the board permanently, you will see a message saying “Board not found”.

board not found

How to close boards in Trello mobile app

The Trello mobile app doesn’t have a button to delete the board permanently. But you can close it.

To close the board, simply open the board. Tap the horizontal three dots button to show the menu.

delete trello board on mobile app

Here, simply click Board settings.

board settings

To close the board, simply click Close board.

close board

Here, the board has been archived. You can click RE-OPEN to undo the process.

archiving board

Deleting a Trello board isn’t easy if you’re into Trello. You can delete permanently using the Trello website, or close the board using the mobile app.

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