How to Delete Alexa Voice Recordings, Profile, & Voice Recognition Feature

Amazon Alexa has voice recognition feature. Here's how to delete Alexa voice recordings, voice history, and stop Amazon listening to your voice.

How to Delete Alexa Voice Recordings, Profile, & Voice Recognition Feature

Amazon Alexa is one of the most popular virtual assistant.It is developed for Amazon Echo speaker.Amazon Alexa has many cool features, but you probably know that Amazon might "spy" on you by listening to your voice.

Here's how to delete Alexa voice recording, voice profile, and voice recognition feature so Amazon will stop listening you. If you use Alexa to do some tasks, Alexa will record your voice and send the voice to Amazon server to get the response it will say to you.This is convenient but some people might feel their privacy violated if they don't prevent their voice from being listened. Amazon admittedly notes that they keep your voices unless you delete those voices.Amazon's purpose on this is to improve the accuracy of the results you get and to improve Alexa in the long run. Some Amazon Alexa users experience their Alexa adapting to their voice styles.

Alexa does this by saving your voice recordings, or voice history. You can delete Alexa voice history very easily, as well as deleting its voice profile and turning off the voice recognition feature to stop Amazon from listening to your voice anymore.

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How to Delete Alexa Voice History & Recordings

Alexa saved your voices as history.Just like seeing viewed products on Amazon browsing history, you can also listen to your voices in the past.Playing them in the Alexa app and read the transcript of the command you told Alexa to do. Your Alexa voice recordings saved on Amazon servers, and mainly not in your device until you play the voice again.

When you delete your voice recordings, the voices will also be deleted on Amazon server that saves them. Thus, you will have no more voice history on Alexa.Doing this can degrade Alexa feature, making it not adapt to your voice styles and anything else that help Alexa to improve. To delete your Alexa voice history, here's how: Open your Alexa app.Go to Settings. Select Alexa Account.

Select History. You can play any recording from your Alexa voice history list, and delete them. To delete the voice recording, just tap the voice you want to delete then tap Delete. That's it.You've deleted your Alexa voice recordings. Amazon will keep your voices unless you delete them.There's no possible way to automatically delete your voice history on Alexa.

You've to manually delete them. How about Alexa voice profile?

How to Delete Alexa Voice Profile

Alexa voice profile is a feature that allows Alexa to recognize your own voice, instead of someone else's.Imagine your relative and you in the same room, Alexa will only "wake" with your command instead of your relative's. This feature is really beneficial if you have someone else in your house.For example, you can make Alexa to respond to your relative by creating a new voice profile of your relative. Your relative will then have their own calendar, reminder, and more.

When Alexa is told by your relative to tell today's appointment, it will tell your relative's appointment instead of yours. However, this benefit might make some feel their privacy is being violated by the fact that Alexa recognizes your own voice.That's fine, though, you can delete Alexa voice profile very easily using this method. To do delete voice profile, just open the Alexa app. Tap Settings menu. Tap Account Settings. Tap Recognized Voices. Tap Manage Voice Profile, and finally tap Delete voice profile.

How to Stop Amazon from Listening to Your Voice Anymore

You know that Amazon Alexa is virtual assistant, and listening to your voice (command) is the main function.If you do this, Alexa can't improve the accuracy of the result it brings to you. To do this, just open the Alexa app.

Go to Settings.Tap Alexa Privacy. Then tap Manage How Your Data Improves Alexa. Set the toggle off on Help Improve Amazon Services and Develop New Features. Amazon will stop listening to your voice anymore.

Amazon Alexa is one of the most popular virtual assistant, that works well but has a dark side that the Amazon employees might listen to your private information through the virtual assistant.By using above methods, you can delete Alexa voice recordings or voice history and voice profile, to reduce a possible privacy violation.

You can also prevent them from listening by doing the last method.

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