How To Delete All Comments on YouTube You’ve Made and Others’

You watched a video on YouTube. It turned out it is the same video you watched last year. There’s a comment you posted on that video with very few likes and no reply, and it is kind of cringe. Here’s how to delete all comments on YouTube you’ve made or made by others on your channel.

Thinking about it there are many other videos you have commented on, and it is difficult to go through your YouTube history to watch every single video and search for your comments on them.

YouTube doesn’t really make it easy for you to remove the comment you posted on someone else’s videos. But there’s a way. It is still manual but you can view all your comments you have posted on someone’s YouTube videos all at once and simply delete them one by one.

How to delete all comments on YouTube you’ve made

Make sure you have signed in to Google and YouTube. Click this link to view all comments you have posted on YouTube.

how to delete all comments on youtube you've made and others

Now, to delete the comment, simply click the X button on the comment. You can see your comment, which video you have commented on, and its timestamp.

Click the Delete to confirm the deletion.

deleting a comment you posted

You’ll see a message saying the deletion is complete. If you open the video link, you will see that your comment no longer exists.

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comment has been deleted

The second time you click the X button on each comment, you won’t see the confirmation message like above anymore. You will see this only instead. It deletes in a few seconds.

deleting now

Once the comment is deleted, it shows this message: 1 item deleted.

item deleted

If you keep doing it (clicking the X button) until all the comments disappear, you will see a message saying “Looks like you’ve reached the end”.

all comments have been deleted

If you refresh the page, you will see that there’s no activity on the page, meaning all of the comments you have posted on YouTube have been deleted.

no activity

Remove someone’s comment on your videos

As an owner of a YouTube channel, you can delete someone’s comment easily. Open the YouTube Studio by clicking your profile picture then select YouTube Studio.

youtube studio

Select the Comments tab. On the comment that you want to delete, select the three-dots button, and select Remove.

remove other comments on your channel

YouTube provides a way for you to view all comments you have posted. You’d still have to delete one by one, but it’s more convenient than opening a video you have watched one by one then searching your comments manually.

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