How to Delete Drafts on Instagram (Android & iPhone)

Drafts can be useful, but sometimes you want to clean them.

How to Delete Drafts on Instagram (Android & iPhone)

When you try to post a picture or a video, but then decide to go back, Instagram will ask you whether you want to save the post as a draft.

This is very useful if you want to edit the post later. Instagram provides an unlimited number of drafts you can save on your phone. It also has its own method for users to view Instagram drafts, edit them, and also delete them.

But sometimes, drafts that were saved aren't that good, and you wish to clean them. Here's how to delete drafts on Instagram, the simplest way.

Access drafts on Instagram

To access your drafts, simply go make a new post and look for the "Drafts" tab. Here, you can view all of your saved drafts and decide whether or not you want to continue working on them and posting them, or if you want to delete them.

If you can't see your drafts, that's because you haven't saved any drafts. Saving a draft requires you to make changes to the photo you're trying to upload. If you haven't made any changes, Instagram won't ask you to save the draft.

Delete your drafts on Instagram

You can delete your drafts on Instagram by accessing the draft first. Make a new post, but tap the draft tab instead of making a new post. From there, you can delete by tapping Manage > multi-select the draft you want to delete > Done.

Instagram has an official app for Android and iPhone which is really popular. The draft feature is on the app and can't be found somewhere else. You can do this both on Android and iPhone.

Download Instagram for Android

Download Instagram for iPhone

  1. Open your Instagram app.
  2. Log in to your account.
  3. Right after you open the app, tap the plus button that is located at the bottom of your screen, just like when you decide to post a picture on Instagram.
  4. When you see the "DRAFTS" and "Manage" buttons, that is where the drafts to delete drafts on instagram on android and iphone
  5. To delete drafts on Instagram, tap Manage.discard a draft on instagram
  6. Then, select Edit. You will be allowed to choose which Instagram drafts you want to delete. You can select more than one draft.
  7. Once all Instagram drafts you want to delete have been selected, tap the checkmark button.
  8. Instagram will then ask you to confirm. Tap Discard to remove that Instagram to remove draft in instagram

Unfortunately, Instagram doesn't provide a draft feature on the Instagram web, both on PC and mobile browsers. This means you can't see drafts and even delete drafts on your Instagram PC. That said, you have to use your Android or iPhone to see, edit, and remove drafts.

However, you can still post on Instagram PC very easily. You can also DM someone on Instagram PC. There are still many advantages you can get using the web version of the popular social media app.

Sometimes you don't need some draft to be saved on your phone. Fortunately, Instagram has an easy feature to let you clean your drafts as quickly as possible.

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