7 Best Simplest Methods on How to Delete Instagram Story

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Instagram has a unique story feature, and the feature is related to other Instagram features. If you’re a new user, you might be wondering about creating stories and deleting them. Here’s how to delete an Instagram story, covering everything about removing a story in Instagram (Android, iPhone, & PC).

Instagram story is a feature that allows you to share what you’re doing in the last 24 hours. You can share a story as a highlight, you can archive a story. You can even download someone’s story.

You can also add music to the story, even if the music sticker is missing; change the background color on a story; and also add temperature to the story.

Instagram also provides you a way to delete the story. If you have shared the story to highlight, you can also remove it, as well as archived stories.

If you have a problem while uploading a story (get stuck), you can also delete it right away. If you want to remove the story while it is being uploaded, you can, too.

This tutorial covers everything about removing Instagram stories.

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How to Delete Instagram Story in Android and iPhone

Instagram provides this simple method to delete a story, specifically the story you’ve uploaded for the last 24 hours which you can access by clicking your profile picture. The red border on your profile picture means there’s a story being published.

Open your Instagram app. Login to your account. Go to your profile and click your profile picture. By the way, you can also center your Instagram bio.

While the story is opened, tap More to open up delete options.

how to delete instagram story

Now, to delete an Instagram story, just tap Delete. Instagram will ask for confirmation, just tap Delete again.

delete a story

That’s it. Removing Instagram stories is easy, right?

But this only removes the story that has been successfully uploaded. How about the story that is uploading?

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How to Delete Instagram Story while Posting/Uploading

There are some people asking me about this. Well, Instagram doesn’t provide a way for you to delete a story while it is uploading or posting.

When you just shared your story, you will see a “Posting” message at the bottom with the loading bar. But there’s nothing you can do about it including deleting the story.

Especially if you just shared a wrong picture on the story that is embarrassing if it continues until its 24 hours last.

But, don’t worry, with these tricks, you can remove the Instagram story easily while it is being uploaded.

Method 1: Waiting for The Upload to be Done

Instagram doesn’t provide a feature to delete a story while posting, but you can wait for it to be uploaded and delete it as soon as possible. You have to do it very quickly otherwise someone might see it before you tap the Delete button.

Here’s how to do it.

Open the story you just uploaded. Tap More. Tap Delete.

a story loading on instagram

Instagram will ask you for confirmation. Just tap Delete.

how to delete instagram story while posting

Method 2: Disable Mobile Data or WiFi to Delete Instagram Story

This is the method you probably think better than the first one. This method requires you to disable mobile data or WiFi to make the upload process of your story in Instagram fail and then once it fails, it provides a cancel button that can delete the story before it is successfully being uploaded.

To do this, swipe down from the top of your screen to open up the notification center. Tap Mobile Data or Wi-Fi to disable them. You can just turn on Airplane mode to disable the internet connection on your phone.

how to delete instagram story that won't post

Once the internet connection is off, you will see a red border on your Instagram profile picture. When you tap it, you will see Couldn’t upload. Try again message. That means the upload process is failed and now you can cancel or delete that Instagram story.

a problem with instagram story

To do it, just tap the kebab button at the bottom. Tap Delete. Tap Delete again to confirm.

delete this video

Instagram will then remove that story, and your privacy will be saved.

But, that only deletes the story that is uploading. How about the story that gets stuck or won’t post?

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How to Delete Instagram Story That Won’t Post/Get Stuck

Sometimes, you might find your internet connection very slow that your Instagram story gets stuck in Posting status. It looks like it will never be uploaded successfully.

The solution is very simple: just delete the story.

But, how?

Instagram itself doesn’t provide a feature that lets you delete a story that fails to upload. The story is getting stuck with the same status even if your internet works normally.

To solve this, just open your Settings app. Scroll down a little bit, tap Manage apps.

android iphone settings app

Now, just search for instagram. Tap the app.

instagram manage apps

At the bottom, tap Clear data. Tap Clear cache to finally delete an Instagram story that won’t post.

instagram clear app data

But, this method will remove the entire cache that is related to your Instagram activity. This means, Instagram will work with a fresh state and you probably need to log in to your Instagram account again.

How to Delete Instagram Story from Highlight

A highlight is one of the most popular Instagram features that shows your story forever to everyone. A story normally lasts 24 hours, but you can make it last forever or as long as you want by making it highlight.

But, you might find you’ve made a lot of highlights that you want to delete some of them. Here’s how.

To delete an Instagram highlight, just go to your profile. Tap the highlight. Tap More at the bottom.

instagram highlight

Now, tap Remove from Highlight to delete that story. Tap Remove photo to confirm.

remove instagram highlight

That’s it. Instagram has removed the story from a highlight.

But, sometimes you archive a lot of things including a story. If you want to unarchive on Instagram, especially the stories, here’s how.

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How to Remove Archived Story in Instagram

Archived stories in Instagram are automatically created the 24 hours last — only if you enable the feature, though. But, if you have archived a lot of stories on Instagram, you can delete them with this method.

Go to your profile. Tap the hamburger button at the top. Tap Archive.

instagram settings

Now tap Stories Archive at the drop-down menu, and your archived stories will appear.

instagram stories archive

Tap the story you want to delete. Tap More. Tap Delete to remove your Instagram story from the archive list.

instagram story

When get asked, “Delete this Photo?”, just tap Delete.

delete this photo

How to Delete Instagram Story from PC

If you don’t have time using your phone but there’s an Instagram story that is accidentally uploaded and you want to delete it as soon as possible while working in front of your computer, you can delete that very easily.

Just open the Instagram website and log in to your account. Click your profile picture.

The story will appear. Now, to delete the story, tap the meatball button at the top, tap Delete.

delete instagram story in pc mac browser

Instagram has different kinds of methods depending on your need when it comes to deleting stories. You can use the first method by deleting it through the story itself.

If you want to prevent a story from being uploaded, you can turn off your mobile data or Wi-Fi, then cancel the story.

There are many ways and you can do almost all of them on Android and iPhone. You can also delete the story from the PC.

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