Here’s How to Delete Messages on Instagram (Android, iPhone, Mac, Windows 10)

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Instagram has unique features, including the direct message feature. All Instagram users around the world can now send DM on Instagram PC. But, for those who are new into Instagram, you might not know about deleting messages. Here’s how to delete messages on Instagram (from both sides or yourself).

Instagram mainly has two different options that let you to delete message. The first one is by unsending message, deleting the message from both sides (you and the one you’re sending message to). The second is by permanently deleting the message.

How Instagram Message Deletion Features Work

Let’s talk about the first one: the unsending message method.

The unsending message method works by deleting the message from both sides so there’s a chance the someone you’re sending message to can’t see the message you’ve deleted.

However, if that someone has read the message, or is online on Instagram opening the conversation while you’re deleting the message, that someone can still remember the message you send even after you delete it.

You can delete Instagram message from the conversation, but you can’t delete it from someone’s memory.

Even with a chance of your message being read while you unsend it, if you exactly know that someone isn’t online right now on Instagram, you can feel safe to unsend the message.

That way, you can delete Instagram message from both sides. The message will be gone both in your DM and in their DM. Once that someone is online, they won’t know for sure what message you’ve sent but then deleted.

But, how about the notification? Will the notification of the deleted message still show up on their phone?

When they get the notification that you’re sending a message, they can read the message from the notification. But, when you delete/unsend it, the notification will change to “This message has been unsent”.

In conclusion, just feel free to unsend whenever you want to delete the messages so there won’t be any awkward conversation in the future resulted from being indecisive on whether you have to delete the message or not.

The better advice is this: just delete it as fast as possible.

Now, let’s talk about the second method: permanently deleting the message (entire message).

Instagram has its original deletion method. This works by deleting the messages only from your DM, and the other users can still see the messages you’ve deleted. But, the entire messages on one conversation will be removed.

If you want to delete just one message and not the entire one conversation, just use the unsend method.

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How to Delete Instagram Message from Both Sides (Unsending Method)

Instagram has unsending feature. This can be seen in your DM, by long-tapping your message.

Here’s how to do it.

Open your Instagram app. Login to your account.

Tap the DM button at the top. Open the conversation you want to delete Instagram message in.

how to delete messages on instagram

Now, long-tap a message you want to delete/unsend. You will get two options: Unsend message or copy text. Choose Unsend message to delete message from both sides.

how to delete instagram message from both sides

Instagram will then show you a confirmation message box. Tap Unsend to confirm the deletion of the message. It will be permanent you can’t recover the message or undo the unsending process in Instagram. The message will then be gone automatically.

permanently delete instagram message

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How to Delete Messages on Instagram (Delete Chat)

Instagram also offer you another method to delete messages, but it will delete entire messages on one chat/conversation. You can’t recover it or undo the deletion process.

To do this, just open your Instagram app. Log into your account.

Tap the DM button at the top. Your DM will then appear. Long-tap any chat you want to delete.

instagram dm interface

Then, you have three options: DeleteMute MessagesMute Video Chats. To delete Instagram messages all at once for one conversation, just tap Delete. Instagram will ask for confirmation. Tap Delete to confirm.

long tap to delete chat permanently

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How to Unsend Message and Delete Chat in Instagram PC (Web)

Instagram has the web version that now support DM feature. You can send and delete DM on Instagram PC as easy as doing it on mobile app. You can do this on your browser on Windows 10 or Mac.

Open Instagram website.

Login to your account.

Then, click the DM button at the top. To unsend message, just click the the meatball menu button at the message you want to unsend. Click Unsend to delete the Instagram message from both sides.

delete instagram message on pc

Now, Instagram will ask for confirmation. Click Unsend to confirm deletion.

unsend message on pc

The message is now gone, has been deleted.

instagram dm interface on pc

Here’s how to delete the chat:

Open the DM and the chat you want to remove. Tap the information icon button at the right side of the username which person you talk to.


Now, click Delete chat which is located at the bottom.

delete chat instagram pc

Now, click Delete to confirm deletion of the chat in Instagram PC.

choose to delete

Instagram has some features that let you to delete message faster. You can delete message from both sides (you and the one you talk to), or just delete the chat which will remove all messages inside that chat/conversation. You can do this in Android or iPhone, Mac and Windows 10 with browser.

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