How to Delete Netflix History (All at Once)

Some might get confused about protecting their privacy on Netflix. Here’s how to delete Netflix history all at once, so no one knows what you watched.

netflix watched shows

Netflix saved a list of your watched shows or movies, but they won’t be gone unless you clear them on your own. Here’s how to delete Netflix history, for one episode of shows, for entire shows, or all of them.

Netflix automatically collects titles of any shows and movies you watched to provide a better recommendation. Every time Netflix thinks you like a show, Netflix recommends similar ones on the front page.

But, not all users can easily find the option to hide or clear Netflix history because it is a little hidden. You can clear or remove Netflix history on any device with a browser, but you can’t do this on its mobile app.

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How to delete Netflix history for one episode, the entire show, or all titles

To get rid of Netflix history, you need to visit its website on a browser. Or, you can simply open the Account page through its app on your Android, iPhone, smart TV, or any device. Sign in to your Netflix account.

Choose the profile whose Netflix history you want to clear.

how to delete netflix history

Click Account.

account profile

Scroll down, and expand your profile until it shows options like language, viewing restrictions, and so on. Click View on the Viewing activity.

viewing activity

Here, you can see your Netflix history. To clear one episode of a show, click the cross out sign that says Hide from viewing history.

netflix activity

Once it is hidden or cleared, you will see a message saying Within 24 hours, (the title) will no longer appear in the Netflix service as title you have watched and will no longer be used to make recommendations to you.

netflix watched shows

You can also clear Netflix history for the entire series. Simply click Hide series.

Or, you might want to get rid of all Netflix history. To do that, simply scroll down, then click Hide all. It will remove your Netflix history, and your recommendation will get cleared as well.

hide all netflix history

On the Netflix website, you can also access its secret menu.

Netflix does provide you a way to clear its watch history to protect your privacy. Whether you want to delete history for one episode, the entire series, or all of them, clearing Netflix history is easy.

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