How to Delete a OneNote Notebook (Android, iPhone, Windows 10, Mac)

how to remove onenote notebook

OneNote is one of the most popular note-taking apps in the world. It is completely free, and has a bunch of simple features letting you to manage your notes with better user-experience and performance. One of its features allow you to delete notebook from OneNote.

OneNote has two branches to manages your notes. Page is your note’s page, section is where you gather all your pages, and notebook gather all your sections. In this tutorial, you’re going to learn how to delete a OneNote notebook easily, in Android, iPhone, Windows 10, and Mac.

Deleting a OneNote notebook is important. Sometimes you just want to get rid of all your old notes that are just unnecessary and irrelevant to your current life. You can delete notebook from OneNote easily using these methods.

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Before Removing OneNote Notebook, You May Want to Backup Them First

OneNote has backup feature that lets you save your OneNote so you won’t lose your notes even if you accidentally remove its notebook. Backing up is important especially when you want to delete OneNote notebook, because you may want to read your notes again.

In this section, we’re going to use OneNote 2016 as an example. If you want to know how to backup OneNote Windows 10 and Android, read the article below.

To do this, just open OneNote. Click File tab to open Options dialog box.

how to remove onenote notebook

Now, you’ll just need to click Options, where all your settings can be changed, including a way for you to backup before removing OneNote notebook.

backup onenote

Now, you’ll just need to either backup manually or automatically. If you want it to be automatic, just set the time interval and folder destination. If you want to do it manually, just click Back Up All Notebooks Now.

onenote backup method

Now, you can remove notebook from OneNote without having to worry about whether or not you’ll need the notebook again.

How to Delete OneNote Notebook in OneNote 2016

As we know, OneNote has actually different version across platform. But one version that you may know it is has been discontinued, is OneNote 2016. It is desktop version of OneNote that has been replaced by OneNote in Windows 10 that you can find for free, too, in Microsoft Store. It has a simple way for you to delete notebook from OneNote, that will make it easy for you to use OneNote effectively.

In this section, you’re going to learn how to delete OneNote notebook in OneNote 2016.

Removing notebook in OneNote require you to actually remove the notebook folder in your OneDrive account. If you use OneNote for a long time with your Microsoft account, you automatically have a OneDrive account, which is a cloud storage service made by Microsoft to save all your files across Windows 10, Android, iPhone, and even Mac.

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One of those files are actually OneNote notebooks. OneNote itself doesn’t provide any delete button for notebook except to close the notebook, which means removing the notebook from the list. But closing notebook doesn’t necessarily delete the notebook. To actually delete notebook, you’ve do it by removing its folder in OneDrive.

To do this, just open File Explorer in your PC, and then click OneDrive. Open your Documents folder > OneNote Notebooks. You’ll see a bunch of your notebook here. To delete notebook, just click Delete with the keyboard or press Shift+Delete to permanently delete the notebook.

onedrive windows 10 remove onenote notebook

Now, you’ve to remove the notebook name from OneNote notebook list. To do this, just open OneNote 2016. Click the current notebook.

how to remove onenote notebook

It will then show you more notebook that you’ve created in the past in OneNote.

closing onenote notebook

To delete desired notebook, just click Close This Notebook and then that notebook will eventually disappear.

closing onenote notebook in onenote 2016

How to Delete Notebook from OneNote Windows 10

OneNote has Windows 10 version, too. This is a lot simpler than OneNote 2016, but that doesn’t mean you can’t delete your notebook in OneNote Windows 10. Just like before, you’ll need to remove desired notebook in OneDrive to actually remove the notebook.

Now, to delete the notebook name from OneNote notebook list, just open OneNote and then click the current notebook name.

onenote in windows 10

Now, you’ll then need to right-click the desired notebook you would like to delete, and then click Close This Notebook.

closing notebook in onenote windows 10

How to Delete Notebook in OneNote Android/iPhone

OneNote also has Android and iPhone version, too. OneNote in Android is a lot simpler than in Windows 10, and lacking some features that most users in PC would use. But that doesn’t mean you can’t delete OneNote notebook in Android or iPhone.

To do this, you’ll have to actually remove the notebook folder you would like to remove in OneDrive. You can use PC, or download OneDrive app from Play Store to login and remove the notebook folder.

After removing the folder, now open OneNote app. Tap Notebook at the bottom.

onenote selecting notebooks to be deleted

Now, you’ll just need to long-tap desired OneNote notebook you would like to delete. Then tap Close This Notebook button which is located at the top. It will disappear, meaning the notebook has been completely deleted.

how to delete onenote notebook in android

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How to Delete OneNote Notebook in OneDrive Online

OneNote also has online version of app. You can visit it at The web app works similar to the Windows 10 version of OneNote. But it doesn’t provide you a direct button to close a notebook, just like other version of the app has.

But, you can visit and login with your Microsoft account, and then click  at your Documents folder > OneNote Notebooks. You’ll have to choose OneNote notebook you would like to delete, and then right click at it, click Delete.

delete onenote notebook from onedrive

OneNote has many different methods that you can use to delete notebook. Regardless of your reason to delete OneNote notebook, it is important to backup them up first.

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