How to Delete Reddit History (Search, Post, & Comment)

how to delete reddit history

Reddit is a popular platform allowing you to search, post, and comment to start a conversation or discussion. You may regret what you’ve posted or searched, and you can get rid of them easily. Here’s how to delete Reddit history (search history, post, and comment).

Generally, deleting Reddit history means you’re getting rid of all posts and comments not just from you, but also from others. This means you will delete all of the posts and comments you’ve written permanently, which you can then follow by deleting your Reddit account if you want.

Meanwhile, deleting Reddit’s search history is just as easy as deleting Amazon browsing history. Takes just a few seconds to get done.

How to delete Reddit history (post and comment)

To delete Reddit history (post and comment), you can simply open the website and log into your account. Click your profile picture and username. Choose My profile.

how to delete reddit history

Now, here, you can switch to PostsComments, or other tabs depending on what Reddit history you would like to delete. Click the kebab (three dots horizontal) button for the post or comment you want to delete. Choose Delete.

delete reddit post and comment

Click Delete Post to confirm.

delete post? are you sure you want to delete your post? you can't undo this

By doing that, you delete the post or comment permanently, and there’s no way to recover them. Repeat this method for other posts or comments as well if you want to delete them.

If you get tired of deleting the Reddit history manually one by one, you can delete all of the Reddit post and comment by just a single button with a Chrome extension.

How to delete all Reddit history (post and comment) with this Chrome extension

You can definitely do this boring and repetitive task by just pressing a single button with the Nuke Reddit History extension (on Google Chrome or Microsoft Edge).

Download Nuke Reddit History on Chrome Web Store

On the download page, click Add to Chrome.

nuke reddit history

Click Add extension to install it.

install nuke reddit history on chrome

Now, with this extension, you can delete all Reddit history at once. Simply log into your Reddit account, and open your profile page. Open the extension, then click Overwrite & Delete All My Comments and/or Delete All My Posts.

delete all my posts and comments on reddit

How to delete Reddit search history

Deleting Reddit’s search history is easy. Simply open the search box, and press the X button at the search term you want to remove.

Now, you’ve deleted all your Reddit history (post, comment, and search). You can also delete your comment or post on a mobile browser as well, manually.

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