How to Delete WhatsApp Sticker

how to remove whatsapp sticker

If you’re new to WhatsApp you may need to learn to create a WhatsApp sticker, as well as deleting the sticker. WhatsApp has simple features that let you manage your entire sticker packs.

How to delete installed WhatsApp sticker pack

If you’ve got a lot of WhatsApp stickers that you don’t want to use anymore, or accidentally downloading the wrong sticker pack, you can just remove them directly from WhatsApp.

Open the WhatsApp app.

Open any chat randomly. You will need to access the WhatsApp keyboard that lets you manage your sticker. Tap the emoji button.

tap plus button to delete sticker from whatsapp

Then tap the plus button.

open sticker manager

Now, you can manage your WhatsApp sticker pack here. Including removing them.

Tap My Stickers to access your entire installed sticker packs.

how to remove whatsapp sticker

Tap the trash button on specific sticker packs you want to delete.

removing sticker pack from whatsapp

If there’s a confirmation message, just tap Delete.

Now, that sticker pack has gone. You’ve just deleted it.

sticker pack has been deleted

How to remove WhatsApp stickers from favorites

If you’ve accidentally added the wrong WhatsApp stickers as your favorites, you may want to delete them. Here’s how.

Open WhatsApp.

Open any chat. Again, you need access to the WhatsApp keyboard to manage your stickers.

tap plus button to delete sticker from whatsapp

Tap the emoji button. Now, you will see your WhatsApp stickers favorites.

sticker favorites

Tap and hold the sticker you would like to delete.

Tap Remove from favorites to delete them.

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