How to Disable Adblock on Chrome (Windows 11 & Android)

Some websites show annoying ads, but sometimes it’s fine to see them. Here’s how to disable adblock on Chrome.

Google Chrome is by far one of the best and the most popular web browser. But Google has done one controversial change by blocking ads that are annoying and doesn’t follow Google’s guidelines as safe ads. If you don’t want Google Chrome controls the ads you see on websites or just want to see the way a website is, here’s how to disable adblock on Chrome.

Chrome has some sort of method for users to enable or disable adblock. You can enable or disable adblock for all websites generally, or you can disable adblock for some specific websites only. You can do this on Chrome on Windows 10 or Mac and Chrome on Android. The methods are similar, however, you probably need some guides on how to disable adblock the right way.

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How to Disable Adblock on Chrome (Windows 11)

Chrome in Windows 11 offers an advanced method to manage adblock. But the easiest method is to directly disable adblock right from the Settings.

To do this, just click the kebab menu button. Click Settings.

how to disable adblock

You’ll see a search bar. Type and search site setting, and then click Site Settings at the search result.

how to disable chrome adblock

This is where you can manage all website settings. Including disabling adblock. Scroll down a little bit, and then click Ads.

google chrome site settings to disable adblock

Now, here’s how to disable adblock in Chrome: set the toggle. If it says “Blocked on sites that show intrusive or misleading ads (recommended), the adblock is still running. To disable, set the toggle until it becomes blue.

disable adblock in chrome

Then, the status will automatically change to “Allowed”. This means it is allowed to show all ads regardless of Google Chrome’s policy. You’ve disabled adblock in Chrome.

chrome toggle to manage adblock

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How to Disable Adblock for Some Specific Websites Only

Chrome in Windows 10 and Mac allows you to enable or disable adblock for some specific websites you want. This is amazing if you just want a website you don’t like to stop showing all annoying ads in Chrome.

To do this, just visit the website you would like to disable adblock for. Click on the padlock icon at the address bar. Click Site settings.

how to disable adblock for specific website

Now, Chrome will redirect you to another page. You will see the website’s site settings. On Ads, you can choose between Block (default), Allow, or Block. To disable adblock for the website, choose Allow.

adblock for some website

That is how you disable adblock on Chrome and for specific websites.

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How to Turn Off Adblock on Google Chrome on Android

Chrome in Android is one of the most popular browsers and it is built-in in most Android phones. The latest updates contain a feature allowing you to enable or disable adblock on Chrome. Here’s how to disable adblock on Chrome on Android.

Open Chrome. Tap the kebab menu button. Tap Settings.

how to disable adblock on chrome android

Now, tap Settings. Scroll down a little bit. Tap Ads.

chrome site settings on android to disable adblock

To disable adblock, you can set the toggle from gray to blue. If it says “Allowed”, it means the adblock has been disabled on Chrome.

disable adblock in android

Chrome has some features allowing you to manage adblock, and whether you allow Google to control which ads you see. If you find this annoying, you can disable adblock on Chrome and shows the website as it is. If you want to enable adblock again, just set the toggle to gray.

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