How to Disable Chrome Extensions in Windows 11/10 & Mac

Google Chrome is a popular web browser that, just like other browsers, has extensions/plugin/add-on features. Here's how to disable Chrome extensions.

How to Disable Chrome Extensions in Windows 11/10 & Mac

Google Chrome, just like other browsers, has an extensions feature that allows you to install third-party tools that are developed by Chrome users for other Chrome users.You can download the best Chrome extensions for free or buy them by license.But, some people just don't want Chrome extensions.

Here's how to disable Chrome extensions in Windows 11/10 & Mac. There are actually the best Chrome extensions out there waiting for you to install them.But, some users prefer faster Chrome with no extensions.It's because some extensions are just slowing down Chrome, even can crash Chrome, or preventing you to visit websites normally.

If you got problems while using them, you can disable Chrome extensions easily using these different methods.

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How to Disable Chrome Extensions through Extensions Page

Chrome has some sort of method you can disable extensions.One of the easiest ways is by accessing the Extensions page. To open it, just click the kebab menu button on the right side of your profile picture on Chrome.Click More tools.

Click Extensions. This is where all Chrome extensions are.If you want to disable a Google Chrome extension there, you can do so by just clicking the blue toggle button until it turns gray. disable extensions in chrome Gray toggle means disabled. temporarily disable chrome extensions That is how you disable Chrome extensions.You can disable them without having to uninstall extensions altogether.

This is safer than directly uninstalling or removing Chrome extensions because you won't lose any data by just disabling extensions temporarily.

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How to Disable Chrome Extensions Temporarily Until Chrome Restarts (using Chrome's Task Manager)

Chrome also provides you with a task manager.It is a Windows-like task manager but shows all processes involved in the browser.Especially the extensions.

If you think Chrome extensions slow your browser performance, maybe you only need to disable those extensions temporarily until Chrome restarts again.Here's how. Open the kebab menu on the right side of your profile picture.Click More tools.

Select Task manager. Chrome will then show you a full list of processes involved in Chrome performance.If you want to disable an extension temporarily in Chrome, just click End process. task manager in google chrome Once you do that, the extension will run normally after you restart Chrome.

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How to Remove Chrome Extensions (Permanently Uninstall Them)

Chrome also offers you a way to remove Chrome extensions altogether.This means you will lose the data you have saved in those extensions.

Especially if you intend to remove all unnecessary Chrome extensions.The good thing about this is that you will free up space and Chrome will work faster because of the lack of extensions. To do this, open the Extensions page.Click kebab menu button > More tools > Extensions. Now, to remove Chrome extensions, just click Remove. remove chrome extensions Chrome will then ask for your confirmation.

Click Remove to confirm. how to remove chrome extensions

How to Prevent Users to Install More Third-Party Extensions

If you own an internet cafe, you may want to prevent the users to install more third-party Chrome extensions than they should.This is meant for the safety of the PCs and the browsers themselves.You can install third-party extensions they can use, but they can't install more from the Chrome Web Store. To do this, just open File Explorer.

Head to this URL: C:\Users\[Username]\AppData\Local\Google\Chrome\User Data\Default Changes [Username] with your username.You'll see the Extensions folder.Right-click the folder, and then choose Properties. how to block pc users to install third-party extensions Now, go to the Security tab, select the users you want to prevent installing more third-party Chrome extensions for, click Edit. At Deny column, you have to check the “Write” permission to prevent the user from installing new third-party Chrome extensions and is only allowed to use the extensions you already installed. Click OK.

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How to Disable Chrome Extensions Only for Some Websites

If some Chrome extensions slow down your browsing performance for some websites, you may want to stop those websites using the extensions to help improve your browsing performance. To do this, just open the kebab menu at the right side of your profile picture > More tools > Extensions. Now, click Detail at the extension you want to disable. disable chrome extensions for some websites Now, scroll down a little bit, you will see Site access.

Then click On specific sites. choose websites to block chrome extensions You will then see a pop-up.You can enter the website URL you want to block extensions for.Click Add. how to prevent a website using chrome extensions Now, you'll see the website URL on the On specific sites section. chrome extensions for some website

There are some methods you can use to disable extensions in Chrome temporarily or even permanently.

You can use the Extensions page, uninstall all unnecessary extensions, disable extensions temporarily through task manager, or prevent some users from installing more third-party Chrome extensions from Web Store.

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