How to Disable Chrome Notifications (Windows 11/10, Mac, & Android)

Chrome has many features that you can use, including to manage website notifications. If you find them annoying, here’s how to disable Chrome notifications.

block notification in specific website

Chrome is one of the most popular web browsers over decades. It brought a website notification feature that notify you about a new post from your favorite website. But for some users, Chrome notifications are unnecessary and sometimes are just annoying. Some users often accidentally allow many websites to show notifications. Here’s how to disable Chrome notifications.

Chrome has some methods to manage your website notifications. You can manage or disable Chrome notifications for some websites only, or you can disable all website notifications altogether. You can manage notifications in Chrome both on PC and mobile — specifically in Android and Windows 11/10 (and Mac).

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How to Disable Chrome Notifications in Windows 11/10

Chrome in Windows 11/10 has many advanced features you can customize. Including Chrome notification in Windows 11/10. Chrome provides a notification page that is tied in the Settings.

Here’s how to disable website notification in Chrome:

Click the kebab menu on the right side of your profile picture on Chrome. Click Settings.

Chrome provides the users with a search bar so you can search for any option you want to manage, including website notifications. Type site setting in the search bar, click Site Settings at the search result.

disable website notification in chrome that is annoying

This is where you can manage all the website settings. Scroll down a little bit, click Notifications.

how to disable notification

This is where you can manage website notifications in Chrome. By default, Chrome will enable website notifications so you will see the “Sites can ask to send notifications” message while the toggle is set to blue. This means any website can send you notifications if they’re allowed by you to do so.

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block website notification

To disable all website notifications that haven’t been allowed to show notifications, click the toggle until it turns gray. This means any websites you visit in the future won’t ask permission to show notifications. However, this doesn’t apply to all websites you’ve been allowed to show notifications.

hide website notification in chrome

You can, however, manually block a website to stop showing notifications. You’ve to do this manually for each website. To do this, just click Add at Block section.

create exception to allow website show notification

Enter the website domain name you want to block notifications for. Click Add.

add website to show notification in chrome

If you want to disable website notifications that have been accidentally allowed to show notifications, just go to Allow section. Click at the kebab menu button of the website you want to block notifications for.

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how to disable chrome notifications

Here’s how to disable Chrome notifications for that website: click Block so the website won’t show any notification in the future.

block website notification in setting

If you want to make exceptions and want to enable notification for some websites only, you can do it manually by clicking Add at Allow section.

allow website to show notifications

Then, enter the website domain name you want to enable notifications for. Click Add.

add website as exception

How to Turn Off Google Chrome Notifications by Visiting the Website (Windows 11/10)

Chrome also has a quick way you can use to enable or disable website notifications by directly visiting the website itself. This is faster than just going to Settings every time you want to block notifications.

To do this, just visit any website you want to turn off Chrome notifications for. Click on the padlock button in the address bar. Click a combo box menu at the right side of the “Notifications” site setting.

disable website notification directly from the website

Now, you can manage website notifications directly from here. Click Block to disable the website’s notification and prevent them from showing more notifications in the future.

block notification in specific website

How to Disable Chrome Notifications in Android

Android has Google Chrome as its default browser. You can also amazingly manage your website notifications on Chrome in Android. However, Chrome in Android has still some limitations on how you can manage your notifications. Including disabling Chrome notifications.

To enable or disable Chrome notifications, just tap the kebab menu button and tap Settings.

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Now, scroll a little bit and tap Site settings. Here, you can manage all your site settings, including website notifications. To manage or turn off website notifications, click Notifications.

site settings chrome in android

Chrome in Android, unfortunately, doesn’t offer you the “Add” button at add website manually to Blocked list or Allowed list. But, that doesn’t mean you can allow or block website notifications on Chrome. To prevent all websites from asking permission to show notifications, just set the toggle to gray until it says “Blocked”.

turn off website notifications in android

If you accidentally allowed some websites to show notifications, you can block notifications for those websites by going to the Allowed section. Tap the website you want to block. You’ll see its site settings, including Notifications. Tap Notifications, and then set the toggle to gray.

Chrome has some sorts of features that allow you to manage your site settings, including notifications. You can enable or disable website notifications in Chrome and manage the exceptions.

Website notifications are sometimes annoying and you have to disable some of the unnecessary notifications in Chrome. That is one of the ways you can make your browsing experience better and thus improve your productivity.

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