Here’s How to DM on Instagram PC with & without Extensions

dm someone on instagram pc

Instagram has over a billion of monthly active users, but it still doesn’t provide a DM (Direct Message) feature in Instagram PC. If you’re an active Instagram user in mobile, you might be wondering, why don’t Instagram develop DM feature in PC? But, no, you can do that easily. Here’s how to DM on Instagram PC.

It’s not clear the reason behind this. Perhaps Instagram just want to make everyone who use Instagram, use it on mobile only. But the most obvious reason that most people know is that Instagram on the mobile app can show ads better than Instagram PC does. It is not worth it for a simple social media like Instagram want to release its complete feature on Instagram PC.

If this is first time you use Instagram PC, you might be wondering, can you DM on Instagram PC? The simple answer is: you officially don’t. But, with some tweak on your web browser, especially if you use Chrome, you can DM someone on Instagram PC.

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How to DM on Instagram PC using a Simple Google Chrome Extension

This is probably the easiest method you can do to DM someone on Instagram PC. Using Google Chrome extensions you can enhance your browsing experience, especially if you use one of the best Chrome extensions. One of the advantage you get is that you can DM on Instagram PC using those extensions the easiest way possible.

One of the best, and probably the only one Chrome extension that allows you to DM someone on Instagram PC is Direct Message for Instagram. It has been used by over 400K users and gained many good reviews. You can download the extension from the link below:

Download Direct Message for Instagram on Chrome Web Store

Now, install that Chrome extension right from the link above. Click Add to Chrome to install that extension.

how to dm on instagram pc

Now, click Add extension to start downloading and installing Direct Message for Instagram extension.

can you dm on instagram pc

Chrome will then download that extension, and install it automatically.

how to dm someone on instagram pc

Once done, you will see a message showing “Direct Message for Instagram has been added to Chrome”. This means the extension has been installed, and you can DM someone on Instagram PC using this simple extension. To use the extension to DM someone, just click that DM button at the extension page.

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send dm on instagram pc with chrome extension

A new window would show up. It will show you an Instagram login form. Don’t worry, it is safe to login your Instagram account here since the extension use the official Instagram login page. Enter your username and password, then click Log in.

login to instagram

If you really use DM feature on Instagram PC for regular use, you can click Save Info to remember your login. This is not recommended, and even dangerous if you use shared PC or public PC that is also used by other people.

save instagram login info

Now, you can DM someone on Instagram PC right away. You can jump to someone’s Instagram profile, and click Message to DM that person. You can also access the DM feature by tapping the button at the homepage.

dm someone on instagram pc

By default, this Instagram extension will use smartphone resolution that is tied in a different Chrome window, and you can drag that window everywhere without interrupting your work on Chrome browser. You can also use the extension to see through your Instagram feed, seeing explore, and everything else just like Instagram in your Android phone or iPhone.

instagram dm at the right

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How to DM Someone on Instagram PC with User-Agent Switcher Extension on Chrome

user agent switcher to use dm on instagram pc

There’s another Chrome extension that can function the same way just like the Direct Message for Instagram extension. It is a user-agent switcher extension that can bypass website to show in different device and browser version. You can choose widely from Internet Explorer, iOS Safari, Android Chrome, Windows Phone Edge, Firefox, Opera, and Safari itself.

This means you can DM on Instagram PC with this extension by choosing any kind of web browser. This extension also allow you to access any website to show its mobile version, not just Instagram DM.

To use this extension, just click Android > Android KitKat, or possibly any device version you want to show Instagram DM on PC.

android kitkat chrome

You can also choose iOS to send DM on Instagram PC, and then choose iPhone 6 to make Instagram website on your computer look like Instagram website on iPhone 6.


You can also choose iPad to show the Instagram website a little larger.

iphone 6 browser on chrome

You can practically do everything on Instagram with this extension, not just using DM feature. This Chrome extension is free to use, and has been used by over a million users.

Download User-Agent Switcher on Chrome Web Store

user agent switcher chrome

How to DM on Instagram PC without Extension (on Chrome or Safari)

If you don’t want to use Chrome extension to send DM to someone on Instagram PC, you can do so by using these methods. These methods can be applied on almost any web browser, from Firefox, Microsoft Edge, Opera, Google Chrome, and Safari if you use Mac.

To use DM feature in Instagram PC, just open Instagram website on your Chrome browser, right-click on any element then click Inspect.

inspect element chrome

Now, Google Chrome will show you inspect element tool. This tool also offer feature to use website in mobile version, which is mainly used by web developer. Click at the phone icon that says Toggle device toolbar.

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responsive mode chrome

It will instantly change the appearance of your Instagram website. But, this isn’t done yet. You have to reload Instagram website to apply the change.

reload chrome

Now, you can send DM in Instagram PC on your browser there. You can start messaging people in Instagram directly through their profile.

instagram pc dm

Now, you can use DM feature in Instagram PC directly without having to use any Chrome extension.

dm someone on instagram pc

If you use Mac, here’s how to DM on Instagram PC in Safari using almost similar method:

Open Instagram website and login to your account in Safari.

Now, click Safari in the menu bar, and select Preferences.

Click Advanced.

Now, check Show Develop menu in menu bar.

Then, click Develop.

Now, select User Agent, and then choose iPhone.

That’s it. Now, Instagram in Mac will look like Instagram on iPhone, and you can send DM on Instagram from your computer easily.

Instagram has DM feature on its mobile app, on Android and iPhone. But Instagram still hasn’t released an official DM feature you can use on Instagram PC. You can send DM on Instagram PC by doing above methods, and you don’t have to manually switch from computer to your smartphone only to check your Instagram DM, especially when you’re working on your PC.

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