How to DM on TikTok Without Phone Number Quickly

Some people still think that you need a phone number to send DM. Here’s how to DM on TikTok without a phone number quickly.

TikTok isn’t traditionally the same as other social media apps. TikTok allows you to send messages to others, but there are certain conditions when you can’t do so. Here’s how to DM on TikTok when you can’t send messages and why.

How to DM on TikTok the simplest way

Sending messages on TikTok is actually pretty simple. Simply open the app. Search for a user you want to send messages to. Open their profiles. Tap the three dots button.

If you’re not signed in yet, TikTok will ask you to sign in. If you don’t have a TikTok account, you can simply sign up for that. You can sign up using your phone, email, or using a Facebook/Google account.

how to dm on tiktok sign up

You can create a username for your TikTok account. Tap Sign up.

create tiktok username

Here, once you’ve signed up, you can tap Send a message to send the DM.

sending a message in tiktok

Just as simple as sending DM on Instagram, sending DM on TikTok can be done by just simply typing the message and press Enter on your keyboard or the send button on the app.

tiktok you can send up to 3 messages since this user hasn't followed you yet

As you can see above, there’s a message saying “You can send up to 3 messages since this user hasn’t followed you yet”. This isn’t uncommon on TikTok. There are conditions when you can’t send DM to a specific person on TikTok.

But, if TikTok also doesn’t load, that means there is a problem with the TikTok server itself.

Why you can’t send DM on TikTok

Unlike other social media and unlike saving videos, TikTok doesn’t really let you send DM to anyone. TikTok has several conditions you need to meet to simply DM anyone:

  • You need to be friends with the person you’re messaging to, being followed and following at the same time.
  • You may need to verify your phone number with TikTok (or you may not).
  • You must be older than 16 years old (depending on the region).

TikTok has children as its majority of users, which means the social media has to protect children as well as the spammy account that might be harmful or simply irrelevant to its users. If you don’t comply with the TikTok guidelines, sending messages might be limited.

Of course, the above conditions aren’t absolute. It all depends on the recipient’s privacy settings on how they want to receive messages and who can send them direct messages.

If they choose Friends, you can only send them messages when they follow you back and vice versa. Some users might allow you to send them direct messages when they choose Everyone. Some don’t even allow sending messages at all if they choose No one.

Generally, you will receive a message saying “You can send up to 3 messages since this user hasn’t followed you yet”. Once it reaches the limit, you will see a message saying “Chat messages limit reached. You will not be able to send messages to this user”.

Those are the reasons why you can’t send DM on TikTok and why you can. TikTok prevents lawsuits against the company by limiting their user’s interaction, which protects children as its majority of users, just like YouTube’s disabled comment on children’s videos.

Can you send DM on TikTok without a phone number?

The answer is yes. I tried creating a new TikTok account using a Google account, and I successfully sent direct messages to some people that allow everyone to send them messages.

As long as you’re over 16 years old (as well as the recipient is), both of you and the recipient follow each other, and both of you and the recipient select “Everyone” or “Friends” on “who can send you direct messages”, you can send direct messages without limit.

However, TikTok may limit other kinds of activities if you don’t verify your TikTok account with a real phone number, to protect the platform from spam accounts.

TikTok is easy to use. However, users still get confused about its limitation and restriction since the platform become popular, and the platform needs to protect itself from spam account by setting some limitations, like sending direct messages.

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