A Complete Guide on How to Do a Poll on Instagram (Creating, Sharing, Seeing Results, & More)

Instagram has poll feature. Here’s how to do a poll on Instagram, creating it and sharing it, also seeing the poll results — a complete guide using the poll.


Instagram launched poll for stories. It is mainly used for users and businesses to engage interactions, asking for feedback, and doing market research at the same time. It is really useful for digital marketing. If you’re the one who are new into Instagram want to learn more, here’s how to do a poll on Instagram.

Instagram, as one of the world’s most popular social media app, always bring something new to engage their users and increases marketing opportunities for businesses at the same time. Not just creating poll on Instagram, but also making GIF and doing top 9, for instance.

Instagram poll feature lets your followers vote on two opposite or different options. You can make “yes or no” poll as well as “A or B” poll that stands for two different stuff you might want to put into your market research on the stuff that are trending today.

If you’re advanced enough creating poll on Instagram, you can analyze your market research through the poll by monitoring how much they engage, what they vote for, and more.

Instagram itself provide enough features that lets you create poll, sharing the poll, and analyzing or monitoring the poll for your personal market research or for your business. Here’s a complete guide on doing everything about poll in Instagram.

How to Do a Poll on Instagram: Creating the Poll

Create Instagram Story and Prepare for Polling Materials

The first thing you have to do is a create Instagram story. While you create a story, or preparing a video or picture for the story, you also need to prepare on what you want to create a poll for.

As we said earlier, Instagram only allows two response options on a poll that let users/followers to vote for one of the two options. You can’t make third options on the poll since Instagram currently doesn’t allow more than two.

For this limited poll, you might want to do a poll on Instagram that is simple and subtle. Since Instagram story is also intended to engage attention (with as shortest attention span as possible, for best result), you probably don’t need to create long duration video for Instagram poll.

The next thing is context. Make sure you add a simple context related to the poll you want to make on Instagram. You can add photo, a text with background, and more effect like emoji or filter while making your follower focus on voting the poll.

The last thing I want to point out is that if you’re confused on the topic or the stuff you want to create poll for, you can collect your market research in your business and if there’s something you lack, you can ask your audience in the poll.

To create Instagram story with poll, just tap your profile picture when you open Instagram app.

how to do a poll on instagram

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Now, Add a Poll Sticker to Your Instagram Story You’ve Prepared

Instagram poll feature is on story as sticker. Just like temperature sticker, or music sticker that some Instagram users miss. It is impossible to do Instagram poll outside story, but don’t worry, it is quick to add it to story.

To add poll sticker, simply tap the sticker button at the top. When the stickers list pop-up, just scroll through until you find a poll sticker. Tap that sticker.

how to do instagram poll

Now, the poll sticker has been added to your Instagram story.

You can also add a question that lets people vote for. Tap that question to edit and add your own. The YES/NO buttons can also be edited to something else, for instance, like “Good/No, I don’t like it” buttons.

Change the Position of The Poll You Create on Instagram Story

Doing Instagram poll isn’t just about creating the poll itself. You can also change the position of the poll you just added from the sticker, on any area of your phone screen, that will also be visible to your followers.

creating poll on Instagram with yes/no button

Once you create the poll using previous method, tap the check mark button or Done button at the top. Now, you can move around your poll to any area that people will focus on easily.

You can also pinch with two finger to make the poll looks larger or smaller. This can make it easy for you to make poll and customize it yourself on Instagram.

While pinching, you can also rotate the poll, just like adding any other Instagram sticker.

Post the Story with the Poll You’ve Created

Once everything has been customized, you can then post the story with the poll you’ve made and customized on Instagram.

To do that, just tap the Send to button and tap Send at the right side of Your Story to share the story with the poll as public. You can also share the poll only with your Close Friends, adding the story as highlight, or just send message with the poll to other users at Messages section.

how to make instagram poll and share it with friend

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How to See Instagram Poll Results

Instagram offers you a quick way for you to see Instagram poll results. It is included on the analytic page.

Instagram itself only provide the total number of votes for each YES/NO button, who see the story with the poll, all the voters, and a feature that lets you share Instagram poll results to others.

Here’s how to see Instagram poll results:

Open the story which has the poll. Tap the Seen by button at the corner. Now, you will the overview of the poll results. You can see who votes for YES and who votes for NO. You can jump to See Voters to see all the voters of your Instagram poll.

monitor vote on Instagram poll

Instagram has two tabs in this page: YES/NO. You can see the voter for each response of your Instagram poll. This is really useful if you use the poll feature for your business.

how to see instagram poll results

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How to Use Instagram Poll for Business and Digital Marketing Purposes

If you’re busy running your online business, it might be wise to actively use Instagram for your business profile and to promote your products. It’s even better if you use Instagram poll for business, too.

See, many businesses find a free way to engage their Instagram followers, getting more followers, and everything else that lead to conversion. Other than putting an Instagram ads, making Instagram poll can be a great way to communicate with audiences and consumers.

There are many benefits using Instagram poll for online business. Here are the summary of each of the benefits:

Doing Market Research for New Ideas, New Products, etc through Instagram Poll

If you’re insecure about launching your new products, you might need to ask your consumers directly instead of assuming the wrong products that they might not like.

Doing Instagram poll for business seems subtler than asking or surveying your consumers in real life. Some people might not really have time to answers your questions in real life, but they more likely to answers by tapping one of two options on Instagram poll.

This can be a great way to reduce cost of your new product or content. Especially, if you ask your consumers with more specific questions, like the color of the product.

Even though Instagram doesn’t you to make poll with three options, you can take advantage a new Instagram story to create another poll. But keep in mind, don’t spam it since your audience will get bored easily with spam polls. They even might unfollow you.

Receive Feedback for Older Products/Contents, or Any Feedback in General through Instagram Poll

You make Instagram poll more specific by using different, detailed questions. Here are the examples:

  • asking for when you should do Instagram Live
  • asking for when you should release your product
  • asking for the old product about two things they like/don’t like most
  • and more

When you’re getting used using Instagram poll, you might get some patterns on what kind of polling format they prefer.

For instance, you can do experiment by using short video instead of picture to make Instagram poll. Or, you can make a video of yourself asking for poll to engage more votes.

Different format and method have different result for different people. Get your business some plain about using Instagram poll to engage more followers without interrupting or bore them.

Different Audience, Different Votes and Responses for Instagram Poll

It’s not just your business marketing plan you should know more, but also your audience. Some businesses fail because they just don’t understand their typical audiences. When they change something, they lose sales and pivot.

That is not something you don’t want to happen. To prevent it, you have to know more your audiences or consumers, besides knowing Instagram users behavior in general.

The first thing you want to know is when they online in Instagram. You can even use Instagram poll about something you’ve done on Instagram, like whether they miss your posts or have already seen them.

If you’re confused about whether or not you’re doing right, you can see your business competitor’s poll and implement them in different way.

You Can DM Your Audience Directly through Instagram Poll

If you create an Instagram poll with some discount offer for your products, you can directly DM someone who vote for YES. This is amazingly useful to increase conversion and loyalty of your consumers.

Once you give them discount, you can ask for more discount if they post a review about your product in their page. You can use Instagram poll to enhance this marketing method.

Instagram has poll feature on story which you can use personally or for business purpose. You can do Instagram poll easily, creating poll, sharing the poll, and seeing the poll results in Instagram without stress. If you have online business, Instagram poll can be a great marketing tool for you.

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