How to Do Top 9 on Instagram & Share It to Your Followers

Instagram doesn’t provide a feature to make Instagram top 9. If you’re curious, here’s how to do the top 9 on Instagram easily with/ without apps (Android & iPhone).

There’s one trending culture on Instagram, a popular social media app by Facebook. The trending culture is showing the top 9 most-liked Instagram posts of the year. The last time was in 2019, and the trend probably will continue this year. If you want to show off your top 9 most-liked posts, here’s how to do the top 9 on Instagram.

Even though Instagram has removed the like count feature for the public to see, the users who posted it can still see the total count of their posts’ likes. By doing the top 9, you show the 9 most-liked pictures on Instagram for your followers to see.

So, how do you do Instagram’s top 9? Well, to do that you need to use a third-party app.

Instagram doesn’t provide a feature that lets you do Instagram top 9. But don’t worry, we’re listing the best top 9 apps you can use to get Instagram top 9 yourself.

You can use these apps both on Android and iPhone. Some are web apps.

How to Do Top 9 on Instagram using Top Nine by BetaLabs

Top Nine ( by BetaLabs is one of the most popular top nine apps for Instagram. It was latest used in 2019, and you can use it until the end of the year. However, if you want to get your last year’s top 9 on Instagram, you can do it with this app.

Go to the website (linked above). You will see a text box to enter the Instagram username you want to get the top 9 from. But, the latest changes in the updates led me to the app in Play Store. You, too, should probably download the app instead of using the website.

On the website, it has another button linked to the App Store. If you use iPhone, you can also get Instagram top 9 easily by doing this. However, this tutorial will explain specifically in Android, with a similar method for iOS.

First, to get Instagram’s top 9, download the top 9 apps. Install it until done.

how to do top 9 on instagram

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Now, open the app. You will see a text box to put your Instagram username you want to do the top 9 for. Tap Continue. You will see a text box to put your email address. But if you refuse to do so, you can just click Tap here if you don’t want to enter your email.

how to do instagram top 9

If you refuse to enter your email, you can just tap Continue without support. Then, just wait until the app gets your top 9, most-liked Instagram posts as one picture.

That’s it. Now the app has made the top nine pictures for your Instagram username. You can see the total likes of the year. To save it to your device, just tap Share and tap Save to device. You can also directly post it to your Instagram account by tapping Share to Instagram.

Now, the app requires your permission to access your files. Allow it and then the top nine apps will save your top 9 pictures that you can post to your Instagram.

How to Get Instagram Top 9 using is one of the most popular websites used to find, see, and make the top 9 on Instagram. You can get Instagram top 9 using this website, without the need to install the app. So, you can do this on a PC or Mac.

Now, go to the website. Then, enter your Instagram username which you want to get  Instagram top 9 for. Click Get.

Now, you can see the top 9 of your Instagram account, the total likes in the year, and the total posts you made in the year. You can save the top 9 pictures by right-clicking or tap-long the picture, and clicking Download image.

That’s it. Those are the only best top nine apps for Instagram to make the top 9 pictures.

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You Can’t Make Top 9 on Instagram without Setting Your Profile to Public

You obviously can’t make the top 9 on Instagram with a private account. If your account is private, the top nine apps will need your Instagram username and password, which isn’t safe for your Instagram account.

This is why you need to move your Instagram to set up a public account.

To do this, just go to your Instagram profile on Android or iPhone, then tap the hamburger button. Tap Settings.

Now, go to Account. Tap Account Privacy.

This is where you need to set your Instagram account public to make the top 9 pictures. Set the toggle to gray.

do top 9 instagram by moving from private to public

Instagram unfortunately doesn’t provide a feature that lets you make Instagram’s top 9 posts. That’s why need those top nine apps and set your Instagram account to public. You can then share your most-liked photos of the year in just one picture.

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