How To Download Emails on Gmail

Sometimes you need to save an email for offline uses. Well, there’s a way to do that easily in Gmail. Here’s how to download emails as EML in Gmail.

how to download emails on gmail

Gmail provides the ability for users to download their emails in EML format. If you need to retrieve the email and use it offline, for example, by sending the email to someone else through another medium, downloading it as EML is one way to do that.

What is an EML file extension?

EML is a file that contains the email message, sender and recipient address, subject, date, as well as the attachment. It was developed by Microsoft, but you can open the EML file with most email clients today, from Microsoft Outlook to Mozilla Thunderbird. You can’t open an EML file using Gmail.

How to download an email as an EML file in Gmail

Downloading an email from Gmail as an EML file is simple. Open Gmail on your browser and sign in with your Google account. Open the email you want to download as an EML file. Select the kebab icon near the date and time of the email, and select Download message.

download message

Wait for a few seconds, and your browser should download the EML file of that email instantly.

email downloaded

You can now open the EML file using Microsoft Outlook or other email clients like Mozilla Thunderbird.

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