How to Download Instagram Profile Picture on Android, iPhone, and PC

Instagram has good interface but it doesn't show your or other's profile picture in detail. Here's how to Instagram profile picture on Android, iPhone, and PC.

How to Download Instagram Profile Picture on Android, iPhone, and PC

Instagram has a unique profile interface.When you open someone's Instagram profile, you will see their profile picture, follower count, and more.But, Instagram doesn't provide a way for you to see their profile picture larger or zoom in on it as WhatsApp does.

Here's how to download Instagram profile picture. Instagram has circled profile pictures that can't be zoomed.Let alone trying to download or save those profile pictures.There's no clear reason behind this, but I think most people prefer their profile picture to keep in small size, making them feel easy to post any kind of picture without feeling bad if someone tries to download or save it. This limitation leads some developers in Play Store to make apps that can download Instagram profile pictures.

They make it possible for you to save the profile picture in high quality, high definition (HD), with 1080px x 1080px resolution. You can also save Instagram profile pictures on your PC using the browser.We'll talk about it later.

How to Download Instagram Profile Picture using Android Apps

Android has many best apps that can get someone's Instagram profile picture in high definition.Here is the list of the apps:


insfull This Instagram profile picture downloader app can get any Instagram users' profile picture in high quality.

You can get the picture by searching for the username or putting the link directly.The search result will show up, tap the right search result. You will instantly see the Instagram profile picture.Tap the download button to save the picture to your phone's internal memory.

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Profile Picture Downloader & Zoom for Instagram by HAIR Studios

download instagram profile picture by url and username This profile photo downloader has a 4.6-star rating and has been downloaded over 50 thousand times.

This app can download high-resolution profile picture from public or private Instagram account easily, for free.The only thing that makes them revenue is an ad, and you will most likely see ads.

Download Profile Picture Downloader & Zoom for Instagram on Play Store

You can copy someone's Instagram profile link to get their profile picture. insta profile download
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Download Profile Picture for Instagram by nahxuan

instal profile app This app has been downloaded hundreds of thousands of times, making it one of the most popular profile picture downloaders for Instagram.It has a 4.7 star-rating and allows you to get any Instagram user's profile picture in high definition -- 1080x1080. Personally, this app is the easiest app of all profile picture downloader.

But that doesn't mean there never would be an app that can do better than this.

Download naxhuan's Instagram Profile Downloader on Play Store

Zoomy for Instagram by sembozdemir

search insta user This app just like the previous one has been downloaded hundreds of thousands of times.It has a 4.7-star rating with over one thousand reviews.The app is easy to use, and allows you to literally increase the profile picture you want to save to the highest resolution possible. You can search their username directly from this app.

You can also download or save profile picture from a private Instagram account. insta profile

Profile Photo Viewer by Loop Business Solutions

best apps on android to save or download profile picture from instagram This Instagram profile photo downloader can save profile photos from a private Instagram account.You can see from this example below, I can save their profile photo in high resolution -- 1080x1080. This app has been downloaded over ten thousand times and has a 4.3-star rating.This app can download or save someone else's Instagram profile picture or your own easily and conveniently.

The only that bothers you are probably ads.

How to Save Instagram Profile Picture on iPhone

If you use an iPhone, you can to view someone's profile picture and download it.This is relatively easy and doesn't take a long time to get the profile picture into your phone's internal memory. Just enter their profile username then you can see and save their Instagram profile to your iPhone.

How to Save Instagram Profile Picture on PC

You can also save or download someone's profile picture on a PC using the browser.You can use any browser you want.

It doesn't matter.You can use Edge, Chrome, Firefox, Opera, and most browsers. To save Instagram profile picture on PC, just visit their profile.Then right-click at the square box of the profile picture, which is outside of the circle profile picture.

You can then download the full square resolution by saving the image through the Save image as button. save or download instagram profile pic from pc instead of mobile in android and iphone

Instagram has a unique profile picture interface.It automatically changes the square to a circle-shaped profile picture.You can get the full resolution through the methods above and choose the easiest way to save or download someone's profile picture from Instagram.
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