How to Download OneNote 2016 Back If You Lost It

Some people still love using OneNote 2016 because it has complete features. Want to get back your desktop version of OneNote?

If you are using the latest version of Microsoft Office and Windows 10, you have probably noticed that you just lost your OneNote 2016 (the only desktop version OneNote) without you knowing what was happened, when at the same time the rest of Office apps are still there. Well, you’re not the only person who experienced that.

According to this official Microsoft pages, Microsoft remove OneNote 2016 in exchange of OneNote UWP app that you can find on Microsoft Store. They made and make OneNote UWP app faster, with more features, and better performance making the OneNote 2016 looks obsolete.

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But not all users are happy about this news. Some people still love using OneNote 2016 because it has complete features and they’re used to those features. Based on our review about OneNote, we actually think that OneNote UWP app is little bit better because it has simpler features and work better on low-end computer.

But, regardless of any recommendation, if you feel like you better off using OneNote 2016 (the desktop version) instead of the UWP version, you can absolutely download it for free. No need to buy the whole Microsoft Office suites.

Before knowing how to download OneNote 2016, let’s read on why you need it.

Why You Need to Install OneNote 2016 Again

If you use Office 2019, OneNote is not included. But it will be starting March 2020. You may have been thinking, why do I need to use OneNote 2016 again even if it won’t be updated anymore?

  • OneNote 2016 has tabs for each section you have. OneNote doesn’t. If you’re getting used to this kind of section manager, you will probably want to use OneNote 2016 again.
  • OneNote 2016 has page template, so you can create notes/pages with different kind of template. Unfortunately, OneNote UWP app doesn’t have this feature, yet.
  • OneNote 2016 has complete math equation database. OneNote doesn’t.
  • OneNote 2016 has video and voice recording feature that is intelligent. OneNote doesn’t.

Is OneNote 2016 Free? Or, Do I Need to Pay It?

Yes. OneNote 2016 is free to download by anyone, even if you don’t have Office suite. You don’t have to pay more because now the business strategy is changed. All OneNote apps whether it’d be on Android, iPhone, Mac — all of them are now free to use.

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Where to Download OneNote 2016?

Downloading OneNote 2016 can be done in OneNote official page itself. It will detect whether you already have OneNote or not, and detect which version you’re lacking. If you lack the desktop version, it will automatically shows that you need to download that desktop version.

How to Download OneNote 2016 and Install Them on Your PC

As we said earlier, you don’t have to spend money downloading and installing OneNote 2016. Just go to to get your desktop version of OneNote back. Tap Download to get it right away.

downloading onenote 2016 from onenote website chrome showing onenote exe file

Once the download progress of the exe file is done, tap it and then you have to run it by clicking Run.

run as administrator onenote

Now, this is where it gets a more confusing. You have to be patience with this progress when it says We’re getting things ready because it probably could takes maximum an hour to shows the real progress bar of installation and download. Just be patience, keep doing your work, and watch the progress every 5 minutes.

If you get stuck with We’re getting things ready messages, make sure you use non-metered internet connection. To change disable metered internet connection, go to Settings.

office is ready to install onenote 2016

This is the real progress bar. Showing you the real progress of download and installation. Depending on how speed your internet connection is, this Office setup will keep downloading your OneNote 2016. Just stay online and don’t turn off your internet connection.

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waiting for onenote 2016 being downloaded

Again and again, please be patience because the download progress could take more times than you thought it was going to take. Just don’t close the setup.

onenote 2016 progress continue

Now, if you’re doing your work while installing OneNote 2016, you may have to close all Office apps first. Click Continue to resume the download and installation process of OneNote.

close programs to continue download onenote 2016

That’s it! With some patience, now OneNote 2016 has been completely installed. Click Close and open your Start menu.

installing onenote 2016 is complete

Now, this is a sign where your desktop version of OneNote has get back to your PC. Click on it to start using it again.

onenote 2016 on start menu

Now, you probably need to take a bit patience again to lets this version of OneNote syncs all notes in your Microsoft account.

onenote 2016 is loading

Tada! Now your OneNote 2016 is back with its complete features. Now you can use OneNote effectively.

onenote 2016, the desktop version of onenote

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Now, you’ve known how to download and get back your favorite desktop version of OneNote. If you have any question about the process of installation, let us know in the comment below.

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