How to Download Torrent in Android/iPhone/Windows 10/Mac

Downloading a torrent isn’t an easy job. Here’s a complete guide on how to download torrent in Android/iPhone/Windows 10 PC/Mac.

Torrent is one of the most popular method to download something from the internet. But, most people still don’t understand everything about torrent and the client software that is used to download torrent file like uTorrent and BitTorrent. To eliminate confusion for beginners, here’s how to download torrent file.

Downloading a torrent isn’t an easy job. Especially if you’re new into torrent downloading. If you don’t know exactly what you’re doing, you may have downloaded the wrong, dangerous torrent files from dangerous torrent source. Or, you may have downloaded with the wrong type of torrent downloader app/software.

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What is Torrent, Anyway?

Torrent is basically a different way to transfer files from other torrent users. If you use a torrent client app/software like BitTorrent or uTorrent, the same users using those app are both seed and peer. Seed is when you send a torrent files to another user. Peer is when you receive a torrent files from another user. That’s basically the simplest definition of torrent.

Many people download copyrighted movies, song, and any other illegal activity through the torrent client or downloader. But that doesn’t mean all torrent files are illegal and copyrighted. You can get some legal, free content through torrents and there are sites that provides it.

Torrent files are basically files that have .torrent as its file extension. When you open the file with a torrent client app, you can start downloading the files inside that torrent.

This mean, you have some sources when you try to download a torrent. If you haven’t find one, you may want to read on. Or you can scroll down to jump to read how to actually download a torrent in your device.

Where Do I Get Safe, Legal Torrent Files?

In summary, here’s the list of safe and legal torrent download webites:

Try to download one, and read on.

Here’s How to Download Torrent on Windows 10 PC (or Any Windows Version)

To download a torrent from Windows 10 PC, you can use BitTorrent. BitTorrent is simplest torrent client app you can get. It’s free and easy to use. You can get it here.

Install and set it up. It only takes a few minutes.

Once it’s done, try opening the app. You will see nothing if you’re first-timer.

If you’ve downloaded some torrent files, open the files and it should lead to BitTorrent.

You’ll see this. BitTorrent lets you customize the name file, what kind of files you would like to download, the destination folder, and more. Click OK.

how to download torrent

Now, BitTorrent will start downloading those files inside that torrent file. It will show download progress and status here. You will see the download speed, upload seed, whether the files is being downloaded or done, and the file size.

bittorrent file list

It will shows different kind of status. Once the download process is done, you will see Seed status in green progress bar. Like this.

bittorrent seeding status

You can open the file by right-clicking the downloaded torrent, and choose Open the folder location.

bittorrent complete status

If you encounter a problem while downloading the torrent, like BitTorrent is downloading torrent so slow, you may need to connect to a VPN server to solve that problem.

How to Download Torrent in Android/iPhone using uTorrent

To download a torrent in Android or iPhone, you can use uTorrent mobile app. It’s available in the Play Store. Just search utorrent hereor you can click to download it directly. Install the app. When you open the app, it will shows blank file lists, and you have to add torrent manually by pasting the torrent URL.

utorrent android iphone app

You can download a files inside a torrent file by opening the torrent file itself. uTorrent will simply start downloading right after you open the file.

opening torrent file in android iphone

If you’ve a problem with the download process, like a really slow torrent download speed, you may have to use VPN app to make the download process faster again.

vpn app example

Downloading a torrent isn’t that hard. Even if you’re really a beginner into torrent things. If you’ve any questions or some kind of feedback, leave it in the comment below.

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