How to Edit Screenshot in ANY Android Devices

If you own an Android smartphone, editing screenshot is necessary sometimes especially when you want to post it to your social media.

Android has become one of the most popular mobile operating system in the world. It is always getting updates and improvement every time by Google. It has a lot of features including capturing screenshot and editing it. If you own an Android smartphone, editing screenshot is necessary sometimes especially when you want to post it to your social media.

There are many screenshot apps in Play Store. But only few that is capable to edit your screenshot. In Android, there’s a default photo viewer app that is capable to edit your screenshot or any kind of picture, and you don’t have to install third-party screenshot editing apps. But if you want to, there’s one of the best in the Play Store. We’ll talk about both.

There are two ways of editing your screenshot in Android: 1) using photo viewer app, 2) third-party app.

If you use Windows 10, you can use PicPick as screenshot app, which happen to be one of the best screenshot apps for Windows 10.

How to Edit Screenshot in Android using Your Own Default Photo Viewer App

Android has default photo viewer app. It normally has crop and some editing features for normal pictures. But if you want to edit screenshot instead of normal everyday pictures, is the app even worth it?

Well, if you have updated Android version on your smartphone, and your smartphone brand model has always provide you consistent updates, then yes. If it doesn’t, then it’s unfortunate, you have to use other apps, third-party apps. In this article I use Xiaomi Redmi Note 7 and it has good enough photo viewer app.

Let’s open an image which is a screenshot. Tap Edit button near the share button. That button will bring you to other menus and options letting you to edit your screenshot.

editing screenshot in android is easy

There are editing features in my default photo viewer app. It has beautycropfilterstickerdoodle, text., adust, frame, mosaic, and erase. When you tap each menu, you will see more submenus that lets you edit the screenshot.

edit screenshot use your default app

The beautify isn’t necessary to edit your pictures. Let’s crop the screenshot. Cropping a screenshot is important to remove the areas you don’t want to keep and to keep the areas you would want other people see. It has many range of cropping size, from 1:1 to 9:16. Heck, you can even change the cropping area as you want.

default gallery app to edit

Filter is not necessarily the most used feature to edit screenshot. But some people would filter their screenshot, to make internet meme for example. You can choose variety of filter options from one to another. From vivid to reflections.

you can crop screenshot

Sticker is sometimes used to edit screenshot, too. Especially when you want to post your screenshot to your Instagram or WhatsApp stories. In my photo viewer app, there are bunches of stickers I can choose. I can also make memes with this.

you can add watermark to screenshot

Adding text is absolutely important when it comes to editing to your screenshot. Adding watermark is also important if you want to publish it to a media. My photo viewer app has two feature to edit and add text onto my screenshots. There are also bunches of templates so I don’t have to create one.

you can add effect on screenshot

When it comes to adjusting your picture, there are many options to choose. Like changing the brightness, sharpen the image, change the contrast, the saturation, and more. This is important to limit the size of your screenshot image file size. The darker your image is, the lower the file size is going to be.

you can also add frame to screenshot

Adding frame and mosaic isn’t something that is often used to edit screenshot. But you do happen having screenshot that you want to edit by adding frame and mosaic, then do it. Choose one frame and mosaic to make your screenshot look more flashy.

adding more effect

When it comes to erasing, this photo viewer app has two ways to erase any area of my picture. First is by object, second is by lines. Depend on how I want to erase and how much area I want to erase.

saving your screenshot

That’s it. Now to save the edited screenshot, just tap that swoosh button.

made screenshot

How to Edit Screenshot using Screenshot Easy App

Editing screenshot isn’t hard using your default picture viewer app. But using a third-party app, can makes it much easier. You can use Screenshot Easy, download it here. Install it. Done? Open the app. By the way, it is not the only one of the best screenshot apps for Android.

First, you will see the app immediately ask you for permission to access your files.

screenshot editing apps

Unfortunately, you can’t edit your screenshot that you already captured. But, you can edit screenshot that will be captured by this app. The app then detecting your files and images.

this app also has screenshot editor feature

Choose any image or screenshot you want to edit. Tap that Edit button placed after crop button.

you can brush with this app

You will then see many options to edit your screenshot. From brushing, adding shapes, adding text, adding emojis, zooming, and edit by changing the layers just like Photoshop.

brush screenshot and add text onto your screenshot

The brushing feature has great color options to choose. The layers is easy to use, and you can change the order of the layers.

save edited screenshot

To save the edited screenshot, just tap Save button.

done editing screenshot

Now, you’ve known how to edit your screenshot in any Android device. Editing screenshot is sometimes necessary to add some flashy sticker, memes, and what not. If you have some kind of feedback, just leave it in the comment below.

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