How to Enable Dark Mode on Chrome (Android, Windows 10, Mac)

force dark mode for chrome android web content

Chrome is one of the most popular web browser globally. It is well-known among users who prefer performance, browsing speed, and unlimited range of extension. It is developed by Google, and is also available for free across all device. Including Android, iOS, Windows 10 (or any Windows version), and Mac. In this tutorial, we’re going to learn how to enable dark mode on Chrome.

Dark mode is a popular mode or feature that change the way user-interface look. WhatsApp now has also dark mode, and you can enable dark mode in WhatsApp easily. Many apps have already dark theme or dark mode, like YouTube, Telegram, Feedly, Facebook Messenger, and more. Yet, Google Chrome seems like they never brought up feature like dark mode, both Android/iPhone and Windows 10/Mac version.

But that doesn’t mean Chrome can’t use dark mode. Even though Chrome doesn’t explicitly show dark mode feature, you have to turn on dark mode on Chrome manually. Yeah, it needs a little effort to enable dark mode on Chrome regardless of your device, whether you use Android or Windows 10.

But don’t worry, we’ve covered complete tutorial on how to enable dark mode in all version of Chrome.

How to Enable Dark Mode on Chrome (Android)

Dark mode on Chrome in Android isn’t a complete dark mode. That’s why Google still hide the feature even though everyone can literally use it right now (in the latest Chrome update). Just a little bit reminder, though, that dark mode on Chrome in Android only cover the app interface and web page that belongs to Chrome like homepage and Flags page, unless you also enabled a hidden feature that force the entire web content you visit to use dark mode (by automatically inverting it).

In this section, we’re going to cover how to enable dark on Chrome in Android that is only applied for Chrome interface and web pages that belong to Chrome.

To do this, just visit Flags page at chrome://flags. Type it in the address bar, press enter.

how to enable dark mode on google chrome android

Now, you’ll see many hidden features that are experimental. This means that you probably could lose browser data, risking your security or privacy. But if you really want to use dark mode in Chrome, read on.

Search for android chrome and you will find Android Chrome UI dark mode option. This is the option that can turn on and off the dark mode setting for Chrome in Android.

how to enable dark mode in chrome android

To enable dark mode in Chrome, just tap the Default button. This will show options whether you want to enable dark mode, enable it but keep light theme as default, or even disable dark mode entirely. Choose Enabled to enable dark mode.

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setting whether dark mode in chrome enabled or disabled

Once you make some changes and enabling dark mode, Chrome will show this message that you have to relaunch the app to take effect all changes. Tap Relaunch.

dark mode in android for chrome

Now, tap three dots button at the corner and tap Settings.

dark mode has been enabled in chrome android

Now, choose Themes. You will finally see option to enable or disable dark mode. Tap Dark to finally enable dark mode on Chrome in Android. This will automatically take effect without the need to restart the app.

force dark mode for chrome android web content

You’ll immediately see dark mode everywhere on Chrome mobile. At home page, the menus, the Chrome bar, and more. But, this dark mode feature doesn’t apply to all web content or website. You’ll need to enable another setting that allow you to force dark mode to all web content.

dark mode on home page google chrome

To do this, just open Flags page again. Search for dark and you will see Force Dark Mode for Web Contents. This is the option that allows you to force dark mode on Chrome. You can enable dark mode on web content by tapping the Default button and then tap Enabled.

force website to use dark mode on chrome android

Now, Chrome on Android will show relaunch message again. Relaunch the app, and then visit a website. You’ll see that Chrome force all website interface to look dark. The dark mode isn’t a perfect feature, but it still looks good on some website.

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android chrome force dark mode for website

That is how you enable dark mode on Chrome in Android.

How to Enable Dark Mode on Chrome (Windows 10, Mac)

Windows 10 and Mac has both dark mode on its own. This applies to all Windows 10 and Mac apps, including Chrome. If you enable Windows 10 or Mac dark mode, you will also apply that dark mode to Chrome. Because now, Chrome, in its latest update, allow users to use dark mode if your system sets dark mode as default.

Chrome also allow you to enable dark mode for Chrome only, without the need to use dark mode on Windows 10 system and the rest of the app. But that’s another story. In this section, you’ll learn how to enable dark mode for Chrome on Windows 10 and Mac, but specifically on Windows 10.

To do this, just make sure you use the latest Chrome version. Tap three dots menu, select Help, and click About Chrome. Or, just visit chrome://settings/help.

how to enable dark mode on chrome windows 10

If you has the latest Chrome version, then go on. If not, then update it first. Now, open Settings app on Windows 10. Then, go to PersonalizationColors > Choose your default app mode.

chrome windows 10 dark mode activating

To enable dark mode on Windows 10 that applies to Chrome, just choose Dark.

google chrome dark mode for windows 10 has been enabled

That’s it. Now you will see Chrome using dark mode that similar to Chrome’s incognito page. The dark mode applies only to the Chrome elements.

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How to Force Dark Mode to All Website Contents in Chrome Windows 10

Chrome has dark mode feature on Windows 10 that forces all website to use dark mode by automatically inverting the color. This may or may not look so good for some website.

To enable dark mode for all website in Chrome, just open the flags page at chrome://flags.

Then, search for Force dark mode. It will shows you option that has #enable-force-dark hashtag. Enable it by clicking the Default option, choose Enable.

Now, Chrome will force all website to use dark mode.

How to Enable Dark Mode Only for Chrome in Windows 10

If you want to use dark mode in Chrome but want to keep Windows 10 and the rest of apps use light mode, you can do these steps. Chrome doesn’t offer feature that directly allow you to use dark mode only for Chrome itself. It has to adapt with Windows system. But, you can use these steps.

To do this, just right click at Chrome shortcut or Taskbar shortcut. Right click at Google Chrome, select Properties.

force only chrome to use dark mode and light mode for the rest windows 10 apps

This is where you force Chrome to only use dark mode for Chrome itself. Now, add code –force-dark-mode right after the file URL. It will be like this:

“C:\Program Files (x86)\Google\Chrome\Application\chrome.exe” –force-dark-mode

how to enable dark mode in chrome

Done. Now, click OK to save changes. You will see Chrome use dark mode even if your Windows 10 default mode is light.

Chrome has dark mode that most users want to use, but they still hide it because dark mode in Chrome isn’t entirely perfect or a complete feature. Apps like Twitter have their own dark mode.

But that doesn’t mean dark mode in Chrome is unnecessary because some people just prefer dark mode to reduce battery usage or just to make the screen look comfortable to the eyes at night.

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