How to Enable Epic Games 2FA: Authenticator, Email, & SMS

Make your Fornite account safer by using the 2FA provided by Epic Games. Here’s how to enable Epic Games 2FA quickly.

enter the security code to continue

Epic Games is one of the most popular game developers that provides you Fortnite. It also allows you to enhance your Epic Games account’s security with 2FA. Here’s how to enable Epic Games 2FA (authenticator app, email, and/or SMS).

Epic Games provides you the 2FA security in easy methods. You can set up the 2FA on its official website, and it applies every time you try to sign in.

The 2FA works by requiring you to enter a verification code (from authenticator app, email, or SMS) after successfully signing in with the email and password.

Once you enter the verification code, you can then normally access your Epic Games account or sign in to Fortnite on Android.

These additional steps to sign in may seem like a lot of effort, but it’s worth it if you want to secure your Epic Games account since your account contains all the game data you’ve saved. Surely, you don’t want to start over your Fortnite account.

How to activate Epic Games 2FA

There are three kinds of 2FA Epic Games provides:

  • Authenticator app. You can use an authenticator app, but we recommend using the most popular ones, like Google Authenticator or Microsoft Authenticator.
  • Email. It works by using the email you already used for your Epic Games account.
  • SMS. It works by using the phone number you already entered for your Epic Games account.

You can either choose only one 2FA method, but you can also choose more than one or even all of them if you want maximum security for your Epic Games account.

Enable 2FA using an authenticator app

To enable Epic Games 2FA using an authenticator app, download the authenticator app first. You can download from the link below:

Download Google Authenticator for Android

Download Google Authenticator for iOS

Download Microsoft Authenticator for Android

Download Microsoft Authenticator for iOS

Now, simply open the Epic Games website ( Sign in to your Epic Games account as usual.

how to enable epic games 2fa

Hover your mouse cursor to your profile name. Click Account. Here, you can select Password & Security to access the 2FA options.

epic games password and security

Scroll down until you see Two-factor authentication. Make sure you already set up the 2FA app itself before doing this.


How to Set Up Microsoft Authenticator

How to Set Up Google Authenticator

Once you’re ready, click the toggle button at Authenticator App.

authenticator app

A popup is going to appear. Open the authenticator app you want to use, click the + button, then scan the QR code inside the page. If you can’t scan the QR code, try entering the manual entry key.

enable authenticator app

Once you’ve set up your Epic Games account on the authenticator app, enter the security code you see on the app. Select Activate.

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Enable the SMS two-factor sign-in

You can also use your phone number to receive the verification code. Select the toggle at SMS Authentication.

sms authentication

Enter your phone number and its area code. Select Send Code.

enable two-factor sign in

Once you’ve entered your phone number, you’re going to receive a verification code. Enter that code on the verification code box. Select Activate.

enable two-factor sign in

If you successfully enter the verification code, you’re going to see a message saying SMS Authentication Enabled. Click Done to close.

sms authentication enabled

Enable email authentication

Email authentication can also be a good way and safer way to sign in to your Epic Games account. It’s the easiest way because you don’t have to carry your phone anywhere for SMS or authenticator app verification code.

Select the Email authentication toggle.

email authentication

Here, simply enter the security code you receive in your email inbox. Epic Games already sent it to your Epic Games email account itself. Select Continue.

enable email authentication

If you enter the right security code, you’re going to see a message saying Email authentication enabled. Select Done to close it.

email authentication enabled

Test by signing in to your Epic Games account in a private/incognito tab

Don’t sign out of your Epic Games account until you make sure you get everything right. You surely don’t want to lose access to your Epic Games account and start over all games again.

To test whether you set the 2FA right, simply open a private/incognito tab and access the Epic Games account. Sign in as usual.

sign in with an epic games account

But, this time you should see additional methods to sign in. Also, make sure you can sign in to your Epic Games account with the 2FA you’ve set up.

enter the security code to continue

Disable the 2FA if you find it difficult to sign in with the 2FA

Some people might find it difficult to sign in with the new method. For a specific case like the email, if you don’t receive a verification code, try checking the spam or junk folder.

If you don’t want the 2FA, you can also disable it. You can disable the authenticator one, the email, or the SMS. To do that, simply open the Account page > Password & Security.

Scroll down, and set the toggle off at any 2FA method you want to disable.

Epic Games provides extra security tools to help you secure your account. In case a hacker finds your password, they won’t be able to access your Fornite account without the 2FA code with usually expires within 30 seconds (in an authenticator app).

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