How to Enable Hibernate Button in Windows 11/10

Windows 11/10 has more features than its predecessor, including the one that allows you to enable hibernate button or feature in Windows 11/10.

how to add hibernate button in windows 10

You might regularly use a hibernate feature on your previous laptops, but somehow on your new one, there isn’t seemingly any hibernate feature. Here is what hibernate feature is, why it is important, how risky it is if you do it too often for the hardware, and how to turn it on/enable hibernate options in Windows 11/10.

So, What is Hibernate Option in Windows 11/10, Anyway?

Hibernate feature allows you to save your work while technically turning off your Windows 11/10 PC. It’s like the Sleep feature but this one allows the PC to be turned off so you can save more electricity and battery (if you use a laptop/notebook) while keeping your work open, which lets you get back to the work easily without having to open the program manually.

For instance, if you work using Microsoft Word and the document was unsaved. If you hibernate your Windows 11/10, your work will be kept and you can access it directly after turning on your PC again. You don’t have to reopen the Microsoft Word app and browse the last document, the PC will be turned on in the same condition you turned it off.

Even enabling hibernate options in Windows 11/10 could be productive and helpful, some experts think that using hibernate options too often might hurt the hardware’s ability to keep functioning, lessening the life of your PC.

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Why Enabling Hibernate Option in Windows 11/10 is Important

Hibernating your Windows 11/10 is important. Sometimes. Not for the PC itself but for your work. If you occasionally turn on and off your Windows 11/10 PC, chances are you will hibernate it so you won’t waste more time to reopen any program or software and browse again the last document you worked on.

The disadvantage of using hibernate option is that it takes more time to turn on your Windows 11/10 PC than it is to turn on your PC from asleep. Sleep feature was a great choice for those who want to save way more time but cost more powers and battery life. The sleep feature’s advantage comes when you tap your laptop’s touchpad, the laptop will be turned on in just seconds.

How to Enable Hibernate Options in Windows 10 (Windows 11)

Windows 11/10, by default, doesn’t offer you hibernate option. But that doesn’t mean you can’t use hibernate option anymore from the Start menu > Power button or from the Win X menus. You can still enable it and hibernate your Windows 11/10 just like you did when you use its predecessor Windows 7/8/8.1.

To enable this hidden feature, you have to open Control Panel.

Now, you will see a lot of options you can change in the Control Panel. Including the ones that could enable hibernate feature in Windows 11/10. Tap Hardware and Sound.

go to hardware and sound control panel windows 10

To enable and show Hibernate button, just click Change what the power buttons do.

choose what power buttons do windows 10

Now, you have to check Hibernate to show it on the power button. But, if you’re unable to check/uncheck something here, have a few more things to do.

enabling hibernate feature and button in windows 10

Just tap Change settings that are currently unavailable. It will allow you to check Hibernate option there.

enabling or adding hibernate button in the start menu, win x menu, and lock screen button

Then, the last thing you have to do is to check Hibernate option. It will show in the Power menu, which is shown on the Start menu or Win X menu. Click Save changes.

how to add hibernate button in windows 10

Is It Dangerous to Use Hibernate All The Time?

Although Leo says that it’s safe to use hibernate feature all the time, because technically you should be just fine using it all the time, you may have to stop using hibernate feature once your PC just tells you signs that you should stop hibernating and that at one some points you just have to normally shut it down.

Some apps like antivirus apps won’t work if you never shut down your computer normally. So is Windows 11/10 Update, because it requires more work to get the job done while shutting down your computer and then turning it on again. If you have problems with hibernate feature, you may want to stop doing that or limit the frequency.

Now you’ve understood all the things about what hibernate feature is, why it is important, how risky it is, and how to enable hibernate in Windows 11/10. If you’ve a problem with the method, leave it in the comment below.

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