How To Export OneNote As PDF (or Other Formats)

OneNote is a great tool for taking notes, but sometimes you need to share your notes in a different format, especially in PDFs. Here's how to export them as PDFs.

How To Export OneNote As PDF (or Other Formats)

When it comes to digital note-taking, Microsoft OneNote is one of the best options available.It's a comprehensive tool that allows you to take notes in a variety of ways, and then store them in a format that makes them easy to access and share.One of the most popular ways to share OneNote notes is to export them as PDFs. However, OneNote doesn't have a built-in PDF export function, except on Android or iPhone.

That means you'll need to use a workaround to convert your OneNote notes into PDFs.There are a number of different tools available, but using the "Print to PDF" feature on your Windows 11 or Windows 10 is the easiest way to export your OneNote notes as PDFs.

Exporting OneNote as PDFs

Essentially, exporting OneNote as PDFs is easy.On Android/iPhone, you can export OneNote as PDFs by opening the note, tapping the three-dots button, selecting Share page, and then choosing PDF.

On Windows 11 or Windows 10, you can export OneNote as PDFs by printing them with "Microsoft Print to PDF". This post will explain to you the detailed steps:

Export OneNote on OneNote 2016

OneNote 2016 is the desktop version that has been discontinued, but you still can use it.You can still export notes to another format like PDF. To export the OneNote in OneNote 2016:

  1. Click to export onenote notebook to pdf
  2. Then, you'll see another tab.Click Export.

  3. You'll see three options letting you select which part of OneNote notes you would like to export: Page, Section, Notebook.

    Depending on your needs, you can export OneNote from any stuff to any available format.

    export onenote

  4. For example, we're choosing Page to export OneNote pages/notes.Then, you can select one of the formats available to be selected here.
  5. You can choose to export the OneNote notebook to PDF, XPS, Word document (.docx), older version of OneNote, older version of Word document, single-file web page, and many more formats.To export, just click Export.

    here's how to export onenote easily

  6. Now, you'll just need to click Save after choosing folder destination to save the export file of the OneNote notebook, section, or page.

Export OneNote as PDFs on Android/iPhone

OneNote also amazingly offers the Android and iPhone versions of the app.

It also includes an export feature that lets you export the OneNote page/note to PDF or plain text.This feature is helpful for most mobile users.

Download OneNote for Android

To export OneNote as PDFs on Android or iPhone:

  1. Open OneNote.
  2. Open desired note you would like to export from.
  3. Then click the three dots button, and then tap the Share page.share onenote as pdf
  4. Now, you can choose between PDF or plain text as the format of the export file.To save the export file, tap Copy To.

  5. Now, choose folder destination.

    Once you select a folder, tap Paste.

Save OneNote as PDFs on Windows 11/10 app

OneNote in Windows 11/10 also offers users a simple way to export their page, section, or entire notebook as PDF.You can then edit this PDF document in Microsoft Word, and save them in any format including Word documents.But, this feature is a little bit hidden. OneNote itself doesn't offer an export feature in its Windows 11/10 app, but it offers a Print feature that can be used for exporting files as PDFs.

You can do the same thing on almost any program/software that contains the print feature, including Google Chrome, which means you can also export OneNote as PDF on its official website, or OneNote Online. To do this:

  1. Open OneNote in Windows 11/10.
  2. Click the meatball menu button at the bottom of the X button.
  3. Click Print.export onenote to pdf
  4. Now, wait for a second to let OneNote load the list of your printer.No, we're not going to print anything.But there's a "printer" that is built-in with saving documents to PDF as its purpose.

    That "printer" is called Microsoft Print to PDF.Choose that as your "printer" name.export onenote to word

  5. Now, you can select how many pages and what pages you want to export as PDF.You can export the current OneNote page, the whole pages in the current section, or the whole pages in the current to export onenote to pdf
  6. Now, to export OneNote as PDF in Windows 11/10, just click Print.

    onenote windows 10 app export
  7. Then, a dialog box pops out, showing you a way to select where you want to save the exported OneNote file.

    Click Save.

Export OneNote as PDFs on the browser

Even though OneNote online itself doesn't offer you a way to export the OneNote file as PDF, your browser can do that because it has the same "print" feature you can also do in OneNote Windows 11/10 app.We're going to use this feature to export them as PDFs from your browser.

  1. Open your browser.
  2. You can open OneNote Online in any browser, from Chrome, Firefox, Edge, or even Opera.Login to OneNote using your Microsoft account.

    If you don't have one, you have to create a Microsoft account and log in to the website right to export onenote to word in web

  3. Now, select the notebook you want to open.onenote web notebook
  4. Open the OneNote page you want to export.Now, just click the File tab.

  5. Then, click Print to export the OneNote page as PDF.

    onenote web save document as pdf or word

  6. You can save it as a PDF by choosing Save as PDF in the Print section.


  7. Now, if there's nothing else you want to edit about the OneNote page you want to export as PDF, then click Save.

    save button on chrome
  8. You can save that OneNote page as a PDF by selecting folder destination.Click Save.

Export OneNote as Word Document and open it in Microsoft Word

If you want to export OneNote as a Word document, you have to export them using OneNote 2016.

It has a direct feature allowing you to export the OneNote page, section, or even notebook as a Word document and any other format. However, if you don't have OneNote 2016 installed, you can use OneNote on your Android or iPhone.It has a simple PDF exporter feature that is easy to use. If you don't want to install the mobile app, you can just use OneNote Online, log in with your Microsoft account, export the OneNote page as PDF, and then finally open that PDF document using Microsoft Word. Microsoft Word can edit almost any document, including a PDF document, although with some limitations.Once you open the PDF file, you can then save that OneNote page as a Word document in .docx format.

OneNote files can be large and unwieldy, so exporting them to PDF can be a way to make them more manageable.

Additionally, PDFs are universally compatible and can be viewed on any device or computer, regardless of whether it has OneNote installed. Thankfully, OneNote has an export feature that is helpful for users who want to share their notes with other users.You can export the OneNote notebook, section, or page to any other format such as PDF, Word document, or even plain text.

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