How to Export WhatsApp Chat History on iPhone/Android

Sometimes you need a backup of old conversations. Here’s how to export them on Android and iPhone.

WhatsApp has over a billion users and has very simple but important features. One of the features is that you can export WhatsApp chat on iPhone or Android phone, as TXT files or PDF, and send them to email or Google Drive or iCloud. Here’s a complete guide on how to export WhatsApp chat in every way.

Why Would You Want to Export WhatsApp Chat?

There are many reasons why you want to export WhatsApp chat, and more often than not it is important to export WhatsApp chat to show to other or just to save it yourself.

Exporting, backing up, or saving WhatsApp chat as a file is important for legal reasons, business reasons, research purposes, or just as a backup reason because you don’t want to lose your last interaction with someone on WhatsApp. That’s why exporting is important.

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How Large You Can Export WhatsApp Chat?

WhatsApp only allows you to export 40.000 messages without media, and only 10.000 messages with media. This limitation occurs due to email maximum size. You can export large WhatsApp chats but with maximum capacity.

How to Export WhatsApp Chat to Other Contacts

WhatsApp has a chat export feature that can be used for anything. One of them is to share the export file with another contact. Here’s how to do that.

Open WhatsApp.

You don’t have WhatsApp app? Download WhatsApp from Play Store.

Now, open any conversation about which chats you would like to export from. You can export WhatsApp chat from an individual or group. Exporting group chat is just the same way you export individual messages.

Tap the three-dot button at the corner. Tap More.

Now, tap Export Chat. It then leaves two options: whether you want to export WhatsApp chat with media or without media included. Tap anything you want, then tap WhatsApp to share the export file to other WhatsApp contacts.

Now, choose any contacts you desired to send the export file to. You can even send the export file to yourself by choosing your own contact name on the list.

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How to Export WhatsApp Chat to Google Drive

The messaging app also lets you export WhatsApp chat to Google Drive, which is very easy to do.

First, you have to make sure you have Google Drive installed on your Android/iPhone device.

Then, tap three-dot at any conversation which chats you would like to export from. Tap More, then tap Export chat. Tap whether you want to include media (picture, videos, voice messages) or not.

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Tap Save to Drive with the Google Drive icon on it. Tap which accounts you would like to send the export file to. Choose the folder. Tap Save, then Google Drive will upload the export file.

How to Export WhatsApp Chat to iCloud on iPhone

You can also Export WhatsApp chat to iCloud. This is mostly done on iPhones with iCloud enabled, make sure you have enabled iCloud on Settings > iCloud > WhatsApp.

Tap any conversation with the chat you would like to export from. Tap More. Then tap Export chat.

That is how you export WhatsApp chat history on your iPhone.

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How to Export WhatsApp Chat to Email

WhatsApp also lets you export chat to email, by choosing an email app they allow you to share.

Whether you have Gmail, Outlook, or any other email app, here’s how to export WhatsApp chat to email.

Open WhatsApp. Open any conversation you want. Tap the three dots button, tap More, then tap Export chat.

In this tutorial, we’re going to choose Gmail as the app. Tap Gmail (or any other email app).

Gmail then composes the email and attachment. The WhatsApp chat export file will be included as an attachment. You can choose your email destination and other options here.

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How to Export WhatsApp Chat to PDF

WhatsApp also allows you to export WhatsApp chat to PDF, but with the addition of a third-party app that can convert TXT to PDF files.

We recommend you to use Word by Microsoft on Play Store to convert WhatsApp chat export TXT file to PDF.

Download Word on Play Store

Now, you need to save the TXT file first. You can do that by exporting WhatsApp chat from the three-dot menu, then choose Copy to.

But, some Android phone just doesn’t show a way for you to save WhatsApp chat export file directly. You need to send it to your own WhatsApp contact, then save it and open it using Microsoft Word.

saving whatsapp export file txt

Once you saved the file, open it by clicking on the TXT file. Tap More then tap Word.

Then, using Microsoft Word, you’re going to save a way to export WhatsApp chat to PDF.

First, save the file as a copy. You can save the copy wherever you want.

Now, tap the three dot button at the corner. Tap Share as PDF. That button will convert the WhatsApp chat export file as PDF.

export whatsapp using microsoft word

Microsoft Word will then show a popup on where you want to save the PDF file. Tap Copy to and choose any directory to save to.

How to Export WhatsApp Chat to SD Card

WhatsApp also amazingly allows you to export chat to an SD card. Make sure you have an SD card inserted into your phone.

You can do this by exporting WhatsApp chat to another contact (which should be yourself), then save the file.

Finally, you can copy the WhatsApp chat export file from here (internal) to your SD card.

That’s it. Now you’ve learned how to export WhatsApp chat in WhatsApp and WhatsApp Business app, on iPhone and Android, to PDF or TXT, and send it to email, Google Drive, or iCloud. If you encounter a problem doing the above steps, let me know in the comment below.

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