How To Find Your Netflix Password Without Resetting (Android, iPhone, TV, PC)

Netflix isn't giving you a solution to find your Netflix password without resetting it. But there's a workaround.

How To Find Your Netflix Password Without Resetting (Android, iPhone, TV, PC)

Netflix and other apps/services usually don't provide a way for you to see your own password on the app. If you can't remember your Netflix password to log in to a new device, the best thing to do is reset your Netflix password.

Fortunately, there's a way for you to know and find your Netflix password without resetting it, while you're logged in to your device, whether it is on a browser on Windows PC, Mac, Android, iPhone, or directly on the app on Android, iPhone, and smart TV.

The process doesn't involve the Netflix app on your Android, iPhone, Windows 11, or smart TV because there's no feature that lets you check saved a password directly within Netflix app.

Read more to learn how.

How to see your Netflix password without resetting it

You can use your browser's stored or saved password as well as saved password on your device. This means you must have logged in to Netflix on the device for this to work. Otherwise, you have to reset your Netflix password to be able to access your Netflix account.

This post will provide detailed guides on Android, iPhone, Google Chrome on Android, Google Chrome on PC, and logged-in Netflix accounts on smart TV.

On Google Chrome (Windows 11 and Mac)

Google Chrome on Windows 11 and Mac lets you see your saved password for Netflix almost the same way on Android and iOS. Open Google Chrome, and select Settings.

google chrome settings

Select Autofill > Passwords.

google chrome password autofill

Search for Netflix. When a password list item shows as the site, click the eye button to check the saved Netflix password.

seeing netflix password on google chrome pc windows 11

On Microsoft Edge on Windows 11

Firefox and other browsers have saved passwords as well, but this method is specifically for Microsoft Edge, which has similar steps. No need to worry about doing these on other browsers.

Usually, when you logged in to a website in a web browser, the browser would automatically saves it, or you may be the one who decided to save it. On Microsoft Edge, finding your Netflix password is easy.

Simply open the browser. Open the three dots horizontal/vertical button that will open the whole menu. Click Settings.

how to find netflix password

Click the Passwords button.


On Windows 10 PC, you're going to get asked to enter your PIN or your PC's password.

see netflix password

Here, the list of websites will appear. You only need to type the website on the search box, like here, Netflix, then simply click on the eye button on the right side of the website name to uncover the password.

reveal password

You can now clearly see your Netflix password. No need to reset your Netflix account, and you can simply sign in to a new device.

On Google Chrome on Android

This method also works on Chrome in Android, particularly when you sync your account on both devices (Windows 11, Mac, and more). You can find your Netflix with the same steps.

Open the browser. Tap the three dots vertical button. Tap the Settings.

kebab button settings chrome android

Here, simply tap the Passwords menu. Type Netflix in the search box. When you find Netflix, you can tap on the website name to view your saved password.

settings password search netflix password

You can check either the Netflix app (above) or (saved on the browser). Tap the eye button to uncover the password. You're going to get asked to enter your phone's password or PIN.

check netflix password on chrome android

You can also copy the Netflix password to the login form. Tap Done when you're done.

On Android

You can also find your Netflix password on the Google Autofill feature that is used to quickly sign in to an app without entering a password. Open Settings > Google > Autofill.

google autofill android

Select Autofill with Google > Passwords.

password autofill android to see netflix password

Search for Netflix, and select Netflix in the search result.

search for netflix password

You will be asked to enter your phone's PIN or another type of security verification to confirm. Here, you can see your Netflix password. To sign in to Netflix, copy the password to the login form.

show netflix password

On iPhone

iPhone also saves your password automatically, and you can see your Netflix passwords that are saved and synced on the device. Open the Settings app > Passwords & accounts > Website & app passwords.

check netflix password on iphone without resetting

You may get asked for an iPhone passcode to confirm.

enter iphone passcode to view saved passwords

To sign in to Netflix, copy the saved password that you see to a login form on the Netflix website or app.

Logged in on TV? Reset your Netflix password instead

Unfortunately, most smart TVs don't provide a way to unmask a saved password of your Netflix account even if it is logged in. However, you can still check the saved password on a browser.

If you forgot your password and can't sign in, and you can't find it on your browser's saved password, you have to reset your Netflix password from the Netflix website.

Here's how to do it:

Reset your Netflix password: step-by-step

You can reset your Netflix password directly on the Netflix website. Enter the associated email address or phone number. To reset a Netflix password using email, select Email, enter the email and select Email Me. Follow the instruction in your email inbox.

forgot email/password netflix

Netflix passwords can be reset easily, so you don't need to worry about finding the old password to sign in to a new device. This can be a good solution when you forget your Netflix password.

You can choose to reset your Netflix password through your email or phone number. If you forget or lose access to your phone or email, you can try contacting Netflix by clicking I can't remember my email address or phone number.

If you're concerned about your internet security while streaming online, you can look for the best VPN for Netflix to add an additional security layer that can mask your IP address. Although it isn't mainly used to protect passwords, it can make it safer when you sign in to Netflix on unsecured Wi-Fi networks.

Netflix doesn't provide you with a way to view your Netflix password on the app. Fortunately, you can see the saved password on your browser. If you can't see it on the browser and forgot the password, you can reset it.

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