How To Find Twitter URL & Share It

Sometimes you need to get someone’s Twitter URL to share it with others. Here’s how to find Twitter URLs as fast as possible.

opening the hamburger menu on twitter

Twitter makes it easy for you to not just connect but also make tweets about anything and do other activities. What if you want to share your profile with others? Here’s how to find your Twitter URL or someone’s account and how to share it.

How to find Twitter URL (your own or someone else’s)


Finding your own Twitter URL isn’t something difficult to do. Simply open the app and sign in to your Twitter account. Select your profile picture at the top.

how to find twitter url share it

Select Profile to see your Twitter profile. This is where you can your own Twitter profile and the URL.

opening the hamburger menu on twitter

To find the profile URL, select the three-dots button at the top nearby the search button. You can apply the same for other people’s Twitter profiles to get their Twitter URL.

three-dots button on twitter

Tap Share to get the Twitter URL.

sharing twitter url

Select Copy to clipboard to copy the Twitter URL.

copy twitter url

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On the web, copying the Twitter URL is a lot easier. Simply select your username at the bottom.

twitter url on the web

Or, select the Profile button to open your Twitter profile.

twitter profile

At the address bar, click it and select all the text in there to copy the Twitter URL.

selecting twitter profile

Right-click, and select Copy.

copying twitter profile

To do that to find someone else’s Twitter URL, you can simply click the profile picture and it opens their profile. Then, copy the URL from the address bar.

Twitter URL is the way to easily identify someone and see someone’s Twitter profile. Getting Twitter URL isn’t difficult to do on Android or the web.

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