How to Find Which Windows 10 Version You’re Currently Using

how to find windows 10 version

We all know that Windows 10 will be the last Windows version ever been released by Microsoft. The only great thing about it is that Microsoft is still developing it, adding more features, increasing performance, and more. Being Windows Insider would make you become the first (or at least ahead of most Windows 10 users) to try new features that most users can’t use.

But, doing that requires you to find which Windows 10 version you’re currently using. From the version to the build number. The build number is some kind of identifier to know which Windows 10 insider version you’re using. If you think your build number is outdated, you might need to update your Windows 10 PC right away.

Windows 10 has many ways you can do to know and find which Windows 10 version and build you’re using. First, it is through the Settings app. Second, it is through winver app. All method is easy to do and don’t require you to install third-party apps to know and find Windows 10 version.

How to Find Windows 10 Version using Settings App

This method requires more work but this will give you more detailed information about the version and build the number of Windows 10 you’re using right now.

To open the Settings app, just open the Start menu. Then click the gear icon that says Settings.

opening up settings app to see windows 10 version

Now, you will see a bunch of options that will lead you to change the setting of your Windows 10 PC. But there’s also information about your PC, including the version and build number. Click System.

clicking system to know which windows 10 version you're using

Then, you will see more options to change System settings. To see and find out which Windows 10 version and build number you’re using, just click About.

seeing about of windows 10

Now, the Settings app would show two different things. First, it will show device specifications. If you want to find out your device specifications before installing games, you can see this.

general windows 10 about version

Second, you will see Windows specifications, which is the detailed information about Windows 10 you’re using, including the version and the build number. It also shows the edition name, when it was installed, and options to change product key.

windows 10 version and build

That is how you find out your Windows 10 version through the Settings app.

How to Find Out Which Windows 10 Version You’re Using Through Simple App

You don’t really have to install third-party app. This app is built-in in your Windows 10 system, making it easier for you to know the information about Windows 10 version and build number.

To do this, just press Windows Logo + R at the same time. Then, the Run dialog box would run.

run dialog box to find windows 10 version and build

Type winver then press Enter.

run dialog box opening windows version

Wait for a second, then something would pop out showing your Windows 10 logo, its version, and its build number that you’re currently using.

windows 10 version and build has been shown

You can also access winver app through search (Cortana), or Start menu.

cortana and start menus searching for winver

Just type winver on your Start menu to find out which Windows 10 version you’re using. Then click on the search result.

windows version

Tadaa! Now you know which Windows 10 version you’re using.

how to find windows 10 version

Now you’ve learned how to find out or check which Windows 10 version or build number you’re currently using. If you have a problem figuring out your Windows 10 version, feel free to leave it in the comment below. Microsoft has been updating its Windows 10 for long times, and figuring out your build number is important when upgrading to a new build number.


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