How to Fix Epic Games Store: 403 Forbidden Error, & More Error Message during GTA V Free Download

how to fix epic games store gta v 403 forbidden error message

Epic Games Store recently make GTA V free to be claimed and downloaded by anyone until May 21, 2020 at 10pm. Within just hours, Epic Games Store is being accessed by a lot of users worldwide. This caused the website to have an error message: 403 forbidden error.

Epic Games Store itself tweeted that the website was currently experiencing high traffic. Many users might experience 500 error message, slow loading times, and even launcher stop working to play games users already owned, including GTA V, which is 100% free now.

With this in mind, you might be wondering when this error message end, and when Epic Games Store website can be accessed again.

403 Forbidden Error Message on Browser, What Does It Actually Mean?

According to Wikipedia, 403 forbidden error message means a lot of different things. But one thing suggest that 403 forbidden error can be caused by too many users. The page quoted the error as “403.9 – Too many users”.

However, 403 forbidden error can also mean other things, like you’re not allowed to access the website, invalid configuration, some permissions aren’t allowed, and also too many request from the same IP address.

Epic Games Store: Your account is unable to download anymore free games at this time

epic games store gta v

Some Epic Games Store users are actually experiencing this error message. This message simply means that their account can’t download free games at this time.

Epic Games Store itself tweeted on Twitter that the error can be solved by waiting for the next 24 hours.

If you have wait for 24 hours but you can’t still claim GTA V, your problem is probably more complicated.

Some people who get this error message did something that isn’t allowed by the website. Like using VPN.

If you’re using VPN to download GTA V on Epic Games Store, you most likely get the error message.

If GTA V isn’t available on your country or region, then there’s nothing you can do about it. Epic Games Store itself ban using VPN on the website.

Epic Games Store: MD-0011 Error Message When Downloading or Installing GTA V

Some people also experience another error code: MD-0011. The error happened when they tried to download or install GTA V through the launcher.

Epic Games Store itself also tweeted about the problem, mentioning the solution was just to wait an update for the launcher and it should be resolved.

The update will come to your launcher and you should check it for an update.

Two Factor Authentication Required to Download Free Games

If you want to download free games at Epic Games Store, you have to enable 2FA or Two Factor Authentication. This security feature allows your account to be more secure by requiring you to enter security code sent to your email when you login.

The same works if you want to download GTA V for free at Epic Games Store. You should have an active email to receive security code from Epic Games Store.

How to Get and Download GTA V for Free on Epic Games Store

First, go to Epic Games Store website and login with your account. Make sure your account’s 2FA enabled. Don’t use VPN to visit the website or when you download the game.

Now, visit this GTA V page, to claim the game for free quickly. Click Get (the green button).

Next, just buy the game without entering your credit card or debit card number. Simply claim the game as yours. You will immediately receive an email receipt of the game you’ve bought.

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