How To Fix Spotify Error Code 3 When Signing In

Spotify might confuse you about an error, including the error code 3. Here’s how to fix Spotify error code 3 when signing in.

spotify error code 3

Spotify just like other services might not work well, and you wonder why it happens, especially when it refuses you to sign in and shows an error code. Here’s how to fix Spotify error code 3 when signing in on the web, desktop app, or the Android/iPhone app.

The error code 3 doesn’t really say anything other than that your password and username are incorrect. Well, that is what the error code actually means. If you experience this, you have to get the login information right.

How to fix Spotify error code 3

Resetting the Spotify account password

If you forget your Spotify username or password, you have to at least remember your email/username and have access to the email account to retrieve your Spotify account by resetting the password.

You can reset your Spotify password by going to the login page. Click the Forgot your password link.

forgot password

Simply enter the email or username, then do the reCAPTCHA thing. Select Send.

password reset

You’ll then receive an email from Spotify to reset your password. Click Reset password to change your Spotify password without remembering your old password.


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Try not to use a VPN

If somehow it still doesn’t work and you still can’t sign in to Spotify, make sure you are not using a VPN. Although this is unlikely to cause the error code 3, you might have to turn the VPN off when signing in to avoid any issue, like the Spotify web player not working.


Spotify shows the error code 3 when you try to sign in, which means as it says: wrong password or username/email. If resetting the password doesn’t help, try contacting Spotify support.

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