How to Gameshare on Xbox One to Share Gaming Library

Xbox One provides gamesharing, a way to play your friend’s games without owning them digitally. Here’s how to gameshare on Xbox One.

how to gameshare on xbox

Gameshare is a method to share your gaming library with another Xbox user or vice versa. Here’s how to gameshare on Xbox One as quickly as possible.

Sometimes there’s a moment when you want to play games your friend digitally own on Xbox One. Gameshare on Xbox One allows you to do that pretty easily, with a note of caution: you should only gameshare with a person you really trust.

One thing about gameshare on Xbox One is that you have to share your Xbox login credential with your friend and vice versa, which risks your entire Xbox gaming library and account information, or even your whole accounts connected with the Microsoft account.

That said, gamesharing requires both participants to trust each other and have an Xbox One gaming system to share each other gaming library.

How to gameshare on Xbox One

Simply turn on the Xbox One, and make sure you’re signed in to your account.

Use the Xbox button to open the hamburger menu. Select Add new.

This way you are going to add your friend’s Xbox account to your Xbox One. Enter your friend’s login credential, including the password. Use the button to continue.

Read the privacy statement. Click Next. Then choose your own settings for your friend’s Xbox account on your Xbox One console.

After you followed the instruction to set up your friend’s Xbox account on your Xbox One, simply open the hamburger menu again and select your friend’s account in there to sign in.

Use the Xbox button to open the hamburger menu once you’ve finally signed in to your friend’s account, which will contain AccountPersonalization, and other settings.

Open the Personalization tab. Select My home Xbox.

Select Make this my home Xbox.

That’s it. Now, your friend or you have to repeat all these steps on your friend’s Xbox One, but add your Xbox account in your friend’s and set their Xbox One as yours.

After you both mutually do the above steps, you and your friend should be able to access each other’s gaming library without owning the games digitally.

A note of caution:

  • Don’t gameshare with anyone you don’t trust. You’re sharing your Microsoft account’s login credential, which risks other accounts related to it from being accessed by anyone you share the login credential with.
  • You can’t gameshare physical games.
  • You can’t gameshare with more than one person.

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