How to Get Complete Stickers for WhatsApp: Where to Download & How to Install

how to get whatsapp sticker

WhatsApp is one of the most used messaging apps in the world. It sends 65 billions of messages a day. It’s absolutely the most popular. Last year, WhatsApp releases a new feature called sticker.

If you’re familiar with other messaging tools’ sticker features, you may find WhatsApp’s stickers slightly different to get, because you don’t know where to download them and how to install those stickers.

Where to download WhatsApp stickers

WhatsApp stickers don’t work exactly the same way other messaging app works. WhatsApp stickers are open to being used, downloaded, and created by and for everyone else. You can even create your own WhatsApp sticker in just simple steps.

So, where to download stickers for your WhatsApp?

There are some ways to get them:

1. Download WhatsApp stickers from the Play Store or App Store

You can find many free WhatsApp stickers on Play Store (if you use Android) or App Store (if you use iPhone). WhatsApp stickers are mostly free and there are thousands of them waiting for you to get them and download them into your WhatsApp.

In this tutorial, we’re gonna cover how to download WhatsApp stickers on your Android phone.

Open Play Store app.

Type some keywords like whatsapp stickerswhatsapp funny stickers, etc. You will find many WhatsApp stickers you can get and download for free. Tap one of the sticker pack you want to download, then tap Install.

searching for whatsapp sticker

Once you tap the Install button, Play Store will start downloading it. Once it’s done, tap Open.

downloading whatsapp sticker pack

2. Forward directly from other users

If you’re lazy enough to download and install WhatsApp stickers from Play Store or App Store, you can just directly forward them from other users to another, just like you forward normal messages.

To forward the WhatsApp sticker, just tap a message and hold until some button shows up on the top of your screen. Then tap the right arrow button to forward that message.

forward whatsapp sticker

Now, choose a WhatsApp contact you want to send a sticker to. After choosing a contact, tap a green Send button on the bottom of your screen.

sending whatsapp sticker

Now you have sent that lovely sticker to others.

how to get whatsapp sticker

3. Saving stickers that are sent by others, so you could send them to others anytime

You can save stickers that are sent by other WhatsApp users. You don’t have to download the sticker pack from the Play Store or App Store. You just have to add them as favorites.

To add stickers that are sent by others as your favorites, just tap the sticker. Then tap Add to favorites.

saving as favorite

Now that the WhatsApp sticker you like has been saved as yours, you can send it anytime easily by just opening the WhatsApp emoji button.

whatsapp sticker

4. Download the entire sticker pack based on one specific sticker that’s sent by others

You can identify and get the entire sticker pack based on one specific sticker you find or is sent by others. But this method isn’t that accurate since some people create custom stickers and upload them to WhatsApp using a sticker maker app.

So instead of finding the entire sticker pack, you would only find the sticker maker app that was being used to create those stickers.

But, however, if you happen to find a good one with the entire sticker pack on it, you can get that sticker pack. Here’s how.

Tap the sticker.

Now, you can see the name of the author of that sticker. It could be the name of the sticker maker app, sticker pack name, or the author’s name. Tap View more to get to know what is the source of that sticker.

get the entire sticker pack

Turns out, that sticker comes from a popular sticker pack app on the Play Store. You can tap Install to get the entire sticker pack.

sticker pack on play store

Now, let’s take a look at this sticker. When I tapped View more, I could see the entire sticker pack here directly in WhatsApp itself. This means that the sticker pack is available for everyone without the need to download it from the Play Store or App Store.

sticker pack whatsapp already

5. Download WhatsApp sticker directly from WhatsApp

You can get WhatsApp stickers that are already on the app. These sticker packs are free but only several that are directly available. If you want more sticker packs, you have to find them on the Play Store or App Store.

To find them directly on WhatsApp, tap the emoji icon. Then tap the plus button to get more stickers.

default sticker

Now, you will see several sticker packs that you can download directly. You can also manage the WhatsApp sticker that you created here.


You can get your own WhatsApp sticker whether it’s from App Store/Play Store, create it your own, or copying it from other users. If you’ve questions, just type in the comment below.

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