How to Get Karma on Reddit in Different Ways

Having a lot of karma can be a good thing in Reddit, but for someone who’s new to Reddit, the entire process can be difficult. Here’s how to get karma on Reddit.

Reddit has karma as a system to combat spammers. It works by limiting users’ ability to post or comment in a certain subreddit that has a certain low amount of karma. If you get a little amount of karma, you can’t post on r/memes, for instance.

This makes it more difficult to interact with other Reddit users. The only way to get more freedom is by having more karma. But how?

How to get karma on Reddit

Don’t argue with other Reddit users

Arguing with other Reddit users is probably a bad idea to gain more karma. When you argue with someone, your Reddit comment vote would easily fluctuate, either up or down.

But, most of the time, when you know most subreddit members would not agree with your comment, you can guarantee yourself that your comment will get a lot of downvotes, which will reduce your total amount of karma.

Unless you know most people on that subreddit would agree with you, don’t involve yourself in an argument.

Be involved positively in popular subreddits

Popular subreddits with hundreds of thousands to millions of members give you a lot of chances to get more karma. While most of the time you can’t post due to karma limitation, you can definitely comment.

But, comment in a positive manner that you can be sure people would agree or like your comment. Do not be resentful, condescending, or any negative behavior that can kill the mood while reading the post.

For example, if you read a meme, simply comment on jokes related to the meme. You can easily get hundreds to thousands of upvotes increasing your karma amount if you get used to the community and if you’re lucky.

Get to know the rules of each subreddit

Each subreddit has different rules. Make sure you follow them all. Otherwise, your comment or your post might get a lot of downvotes, or even your post being deleted. Or worse, being banned.

Karma is something important in Reddit, determining how much freedom you have on the platform. You can increase your Reddit karma by being active in the community, stay positive, and follow each subreddit’s rules.

If you want to remove your karma, simply change your Reddit username.

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