How to Hide App using Microsoft Launcher in Android

It’s a feature that allows you to hide any apps you want. Hidden apps won’t show in the app drawer, home screen, or Microsoft Launcher’s search feature. 

Microsoft has entered the Play Store market, using its great launcher app called Microsoft Launcher. It currently has a 4.6-star rating with 1 million reviews. That fact alone proves that Microsoft Launcher has begun to compete with a bunch of other best Android launchers, like Nova and Apex.

Microsoft Launcher itself provides amazing and cool features that some Android launchers just don’t provide. There’s certainly a gap in the launcher app market that Microsoft fills successfully, as the simple interface, a lot of free features, Cortana, and more define the awesomeness of Microsoft Launcher.

If you’re new to Microsoft Launcher, you will perhaps encounter a feature called Hidden Apps. Just as the name suggests, it’s a feature that allows you to hide any apps you want. Hidden apps won’t show in the app drawer, home screen, or Microsoft Launcher’s search feature.

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How to Hide App in Microsoft Launcher (Android)

To hide any app using Microsoft Launcher, just tap Launcher Settings on the home screen. That is where you can customize the entire features of Microsoft Launcher, like the home screen and theme. This tutorial will teach you how to hide apps.

Tap the Home screen in the Launcher Settings app.

This section contains all about the Home screen settings of Microsoft Launcher, including icon layout and size, icon appearance, folder appearance, notification badges, and more. At the bottom, you will see Hidden apps. Tap that button and you will see this.

homescreen hide app

That means you still have no apps to be hidden. To hide an app, just tap Hide apps and then choose any app you want to hide. Amazingly, Microsoft Launcher is entirely free to let you choose any app you want to hide. Tap Confirm if you are done choosing apps.

select app to hide

Hidden apps will show you a list of apps you have hidden. You can tap UNHIDE to stop hiding them. You can tap the setting button at the corner to set a password, enabling it to be seen in the dock, either to show or hide the hidden apps in search results.

hidden app list

That’s it. Now you’ve hidden apps using Microsoft Launcher. This feature allows some room for privacy if you let someone else use your phone. So they won’t see the app you’re using.

How to Set Password in Hidden Apps Microsoft Launcher

Setting a password is important enough if you want to really protect the app. Tap Set password. Then, set the password for your hidden apps. Once done, you will have to input again that password to confirm.

how to hide app

If you have done setting up a password, you will see this notification, showing you that Hidden apps are now password protected.

microsoft launcher

You can take advantage by hiding apps in Microsoft Launcher on Android so you can basically protect your privacy from someone who borrows your phone for a second. If you’re using your Android launcher and get the most out of it, you will not only increase the experience of using it but also increase your productivity.

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