How to Hide Extension Icons on Browser Toolbar (Chrome, Edge, Firefox)

All browsers put extensions on the right side of the address bar. Here’s how to hide extension icons to give more space for the address bar.

Every time you install a new extension on your browser, you will see the extension icon on the right side of the browser’s address bar, which is called “toolbar”. However, this can remove some space for the address bar. Here’s how to hide extension icons on the toolbar (Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge, and Firefox), without uninstalling the extensions themselves.

All browsers put their extensions icons on the right side of the address bar, which is good for easy access. But overtime, when you have installed too many extensions or add-ins, there will be too many icons on the toolbar, making the address bar shorter and shorter.

This problem can be solved pretty easily. Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, and Microsoft Edge have a feature allowing you to hide or remove extensions icons from the toolbar. You don’t need to uninstall the extension, you just need to hide the icons.

Google Chrome has what’s called “Extensions Toolbar Menu” which is a type of menu that stores all extensions icons. It has pin and unpin buttons that allow you to add extension icons to the toolbar or hide extension icons back and forth effortlessly.

The same works with Mozilla Firefox and Microsoft Edge. Although they’re different browsers, they work pretty similarly where you can manage to show which extensions icons should be put on the right side of the address bar and which should not.

This doesn not make it hard for you to easily access any extension you want, and does not shorten your address bar either.

How to Hide Extension Icons on Google Chrome

Chrome has the Extensions Toolbar Menu, which is only available in the lastest Chrome version. That’s why you need to update Chrome to get new features including this toolbar menu so you can declutter your toolbar.

To update Chrome, simply open the browser then choose the kebab menu at the top-right of your screen. Then choose Help. Choose About Chrome.

how to hide extension icons

This is where you can update Chrome. If it says “Google Chrome is up to date”, you can now use the Extensions Toolbar Menu to hide extensions icons from the toolbar.

remove chrome extensions icons

To hide an extension icon, simply right-click the extension icon then choose Unpin. It will remove the icon from the toolbar, giving it more space.

unpin extensions icons from toolbar

If you want to put an extension icon back to the toolbar, simply click the extension toolbar icon (located on the left side of the profile picture). Choose the kebab button near the extension icon you want to show on the toolbar, then choose Pin.

browsers address bar is too short because of extensions icons

You can also just easily click the Pin button instead of clicking the kebab menu, which is quicker.

pinning extensions icons

How to Hide Extension Icons on Mozilla Firefox

Mozilla Firefox has the similar feature and works quite the same. All you have to do to hide an extension icon from the toolbar is simply right-click the extension icon then choose Remove from Toolbar.

remove extensions from toolbar mozilla firefox

Now the extension icon is gone. You can easily put the icon back from the menu.

extensions icons have been removed

How to Hide an Extension Icon on Microsoft Edge

Microsoft Edge is built using Chromium, and you can definitely use the same features that work in Google Chrome, including the Extension Toolbar Menu. But, Microsoft Edge has something better and much more convinient to use.

Microsoft Edge put the unpinned extensions icons on your hamburger menu. To hide an extension icon or unpin one, simply right-click the extension then choose Move to the menu.

microsoft edge move to the menu to hide extension icons \

Now, the extension icon is gone from Microsoft Edge‘s toolbar. To get them back, or accessing them, simply open the hamburger menu, and you can see the extension icons right below it.

microsoft edge extensions menu

Almost all browsers put their extensions on the toolbar, which cost some space for the address bar. Now, you can declutter your toolbar, make the address bar longer, and enjoy a clean browser with the least distraction for better productivity by removing or hiding extension icons.

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