Complete Guide on How to Hide Taskbar on Windows 10

taskbar is hidden

Windows 10 has the Taskbar feature, which is the thing that provides you easy access to all shortcuts and windows, including the Start menu button and notification center. But, you may need sometimes to hide it, but how?

There are many cases when you want to hide the Taskbar. Here’s the list:

  • when you play full-screen games, watching movies on full-screen, etc
  • when you want to work intensively and decide not to switch windows or accessing anything on Taskbar
  • more

Therefore, the need to hide the Taskbar is sometimes important. Windows 10 has all the options you need to do that.

How to Hide Taskbar on Windows 10

You can easily hide the Taskbar by accessing the Taskbar menu on the Settings. To access the Settings, simply right-click the Taskbar, then choose Taskbar settings.

how to hide taskbar on windows 10

Now, switch on the Automatically hide the taskbar in desktop mode and/or Automatically hide the taskbar in tablet mode if you want to hide the Taskbar when switching to the tablet mode.

automatically hide taskbar on windows 10

Now, Windows 10 will stop showing you the Taskbar, and you can show it again simply by hovering your cursor to the bottom of your screen (or where the Taskbar is positioned).

taskbar is hidden on windows 10

When Playing Full-Screen Games/Movies, Taskbar is Still Shown

If you play full-screen games/movies but the Taskbar still shows, the blame most likely is on the games/video player.

You need to make sure whether the game you play is on full-screen, or is just a window that shows the close button. Windows will then hide the Taskbar automatically even if you turn off the automatic feature on the Settings app.

The same thing works when you watch movies. You have to turn on the full-screen mode on the video player which is located near the play/pause button, the Taskbar will then be hidden.

How to Hide Taskbar on Second Monitor

If you multiple monitors and find that the Taskbar still shows even if you turn on the automatic hiding feature, you have to scroll down a little to Multiple Displays.

On Show Taskbar on all displays, turn off.

Now, you should see that the Taskbar is hidden on the second monitor.

Windows 10 has a cool Taskbar which can be used for many things, including opening the Command Prompt. But you may sometimes want it to be hidden. Working inventively and not switching to other windows leaves you option to hide the Taskbar so you can be more productive.

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