How To Hide the Mouse Cursor in Games/Apps on Windows 10/11

how to hide the mouse cursor

A visible mouse cursor is always useful, but there are times when you just don’t need it to be visible. Here’s how to hide the mouse cursor in games or apps on Windows 10 and Windows 11.

Windows generally always show your mouse cursor. But the mouse cursor is not needed when playing games like Minecraft or when you use some particular apps like BlueStacks, or in any case when you just don’t want to show the mouse cursor.

Windows actually provide a way to hide the mouse cursor with some conditions. There are also ways to remove or make the mouse cursor invisible for a while, like after every few seconds you don’t move it, by using a third-party app.

How to hide the mouse cursor on Windows

Hide the mouse cursor while typing

If you find your mouse pointer or cursor still shows when you type, make sure this setting is turned on. Simply search pointer when opening the Start menu, and select Change the mouse pointer display or speed.

how to hide mouse cursor

Open the Pointer Options tab. Checkmark the Hide pointer while typing option. Select OK to save.

mouse options

Now, every time you type, your mouse cursor will automatically hide. It will show again every time you move its position.

Hide the mouse cursor after a while

If you need more, you can actually hide your mouse cursor after some specific seconds you leave it unmoved. You can also set specifically the timer.

Download AutoHideMouseCursor

Download the app above. You can also use the portable version. Open it. Checkmark the Hide when a key is pressed to hide it while typing or pressing any key. Set the timer by dragging the timer bar.

automatically hide mouse cursor after a while

It will automatically apply, so there’s no need to save this setting. If you want to turn this off and show the mouse cursor normally, simply close the app.

There’s, fortunately, a way to hide your mouse cursor after a while. The better thing is that you can set your own timer. This can be useful for specific scenarios when you just don’t want to show the mouse cursor.

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