How To Insert a Text Box in Google Docs

Google Docs is easy to use, but it might be difficult when it comes to adding text boxes, especially for people who are new to Google Docs. Here’s how to insert a text box in Google Docs quickly.

Google Docs, fortunately, provides the text box feature which you can access in the Drawing menu, which is the same method to insert a text box in Google Sheets. Doing this only takes a few seconds.

How to insert a text box in Google Docs

Open the Google Docs document you want to insert a text box in. Go to the Insert > Drawing > New.

how to insert text box in google docs

This is where you can edit and customize the text box. Click the text box button on the toolbar.

text box

A text box will appear. You can instantly add text inside the text box, as well as changing its font, color, text alignment, including the text box size.

adding a text box

You can customize the style by clicking the three-dots button below the Save and close button.

saving text box

To save, simply click Save and close.

text box editing

Here, you can see the text box on your Google Docs document now. You can also change its size and position directly by clicking the text box and accessing its menu.

customize a text box

Google Docs provides an easy method to add a text box, as well as methods to customize the appearance of the text box and where you want to put it on your document.

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