How to Insert a Horizontal Line in Word

A horizontal line in Word is an important element for people to understand section by section. Here’s how to insert a horizontal line in Word with five easy methods!

how to add horizontal line in word with keyboard shortcut

Microsoft Word, one of the most used word processing tools has many advanced features. If you are first time using Microsoft Word, you might be wondering about the line that breaks up sections of paragraphs you may find in someone’s Word document. You can learn to make one. Here’s how to insert a horizontal line in Word with some different methods.

If you use page break, you might find it overwhelming to page break every time you want to create a new section of a document. Now, a page break is only necessary when it is needed. If you want to create a small section of a page, you can do that by making a horizontal line in Word that is easy and simple to make.

The purpose of the horizontal line in Word is to draw a line between paragraphs that are not that relevant to each other. This horizontal line makes the reader understand that the paragraphs they read next are not in the same section. In Microsoft Word, you can make horizontal lines easily without stress, for your resume or any purpose.

You can do these in Microsoft Word 2010, Word 2013, Word 2016, and Word 2019. Some of these methods aren’t supported in Microsoft Word 2007. This can be applied in Windows 10, Mac, and Word Online.

How to Insert Horizontal Line in Word using AutoFormat

Microsoft Word has AutoFormat feature. It is a feature that lets Word format your text while you type it. AutoFormat in Word has become a popular feature to create Smart Quotes, automatic bullets, and also horizontal lines. You can make a horizontal line in Word while you type your document, without having to move your mouse/touchpad.

You can quickly make a horizontal line by typing:

  • Three hyphens (—) for single line
  • Three equal signs (===) for double line
  • Three asterisks (***) for a dotted line
  • Three underline symbols (___) for bold single line
  • Three tildes (~~~) for wavy line
  • Three number signs (###) for a triple line

You can see here the example of each AutoFormat to create different horizontal line styles:

how to add horizontal line in word with keyboard shortcut

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However, not all Word users can’t insert a horizontal tool by using AutoFormat. Some users have AutoFormat disabled for some reason that they find their typing of three hyphens or any else above doesn’t automatically turn into a horizontal line. Here’s how to enable AutoFormat so you can insert a horizontal tool in Word again.

Click the File tab on the ribbon.

enable autoformat in word

Now, click Options. It will open up the Options dialog box.

options dialog box in word

Now, click Proofing.

proofing tab in options dialog box in word

Click AutoCorrect Options to change the AutoFormat, so you can insert a horizontal tool while you type.

enabling autoformat that enable horizontal line

Click AutoFormat As You Type tab. This is where you can enable each of AutoFormat’s features related to your needs. To enable horizontal line AutoFormat, just check Border lines.

horizontal line in word

How to Make Horizontal Line in Word using Horizontal Line Feature

Microsoft has always had a Horizontal Line feature that is located at the Home tab on the ribbon, exactly at the Paragraph section. This tool can be used easily to make a horizontal line, draw table, view gridlines, manage borders and shading (which includes a tool to change Word background color on the text), and more.

Open your Microsoft Word document. Go to the Home tab.

Click a drop-down menu at Borders. Now, click Horizontal Line.

horizontal line in word

Here’s what horizontal looks like. It’s just a plain single line. It looks boring for people who want to customize the horizontal line. If you do want to format a horizontal line, just double-click the horizontal line in Word. It will bring a pop-up showing you to format the horizontal line.

horizontal line on word

You can change the width, height (both in percentage or inches), color, and alignment of the horizontal line. It is easy to change, including the color. You can click the color at Color to change it.

horizontal line for word

In Microsoft Word, you can choose many different kinds of colors. You can choose Theme Colors or Standard Colors depending on what you want.

how to add horizontal line in word

Making a horizontal line with the tool itself seems easy. How about other methods?

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How to Draw Horizontal Line in Word using Shapes

Shapes in Microsoft Word are underrated. It is not often used by many people, except when they need to, like adding geometry for a mathematics test. Microsoft Word also offers users the line shape, which can be used to draw a horizontal line.

Even though it is not that easy, drawing horizontal lines by using line shapes can be creatively challenging. This kind of horizontal line might seem unnecessary because after all, you can use those AutoFormat features. But, some people just want to draw a customized horizontal line that they created themselves from scratch.

Here’s how to do it:

Open your Microsoft Word program. Go to the Insert tab on the ribbon.

Then, on Illustrations, click Shapes, and then choose Line.

add horizontal line word

You can then spread the line into a horizontal line you want to create. Drawing a fully straight horizontal line from scratch can be hard without a ruler. You have to add a ruler in Word, both horizontal and vertical rulers, to make sure the horizontal line is straight enough or skewed enough as you want it to be.

how to make horizontal line in word

In addition, you can change the color, style, weight, dashes, and arrow level of the horizontal line you add in Word. You can even change the shape style by selecting different styles in the Shape Styles group.

how to create horizontal line in word

How to Put Horizontal Line in Word from Online Pictures (Clip Art)

In the latest Microsoft Word version, you probably won’t find clip art. But, you actually can find it in Online Pictures. This method might seem unnecessary, but some people just want to put a horizontal line that has already been made by someone else online.

If you want a nice-looking, customized horizontal line that looks bigger and different, not boring, this method is the best way. You can put that horizontal line easily from Online Pictures in Word. This means you’ve to be connected to the internet before doing this.

Once you get connected, go to the Insert tab on the ribbon. Click Online Pictures at Illustrations group.

format horizontal line word

Now, search for any kind of line you want. To download and put the horizontal line to Word, just click the image and click Insert.

insert horizontal line word 2010

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How to Add Horizontal Line in Word for a Signature

A signature might be an important thing in your Word document. This means you probably need to add a horizontal line specifically used for the signature. At the same time, you can enter the name of someone’s signature, title, and email address. This also will simultaneously add a date for the signature.

For additional information, this signature can be purposed as a digital signature. You can also let the signer comment in the Sign dialog. This can make it easy for people who write contracts using Word, especially for those who make Word documents fillable but not editable.

To add a horizontal line for the signature, go to the Insert tab on the ribbon. On the Text group, click Signature Line.

remove horizontal line from word

Then, you will need to enter the signer’s name, title, and email address. You can add instructions to the signer, allow or disallow commenting feature, and whether you want to show the signing date or not.

signature horizontal line microsoft word

Now, the horizontal line for the signature has been made. You can then save the file or print right away using Microsoft Word.

signature horizontal line has been inserted

If you don’t want it, you can remove a horizontal line in Word pretty easily.

Microsoft Word has some features that let you create horizontal lines easily. You can use the above methods to create a horizontal line for your resume, contract, or just essay. A horizontal line in Word is an important element in a document for people to make it easy to understand the document section by section.

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